Punished_Kiki said:

It's our transphobic gender-tagging system.

>draw a girl
>character says she's a girl
>artist says she was born with a penis
>have to tag as male

It actually inconsistent they are there are canonical trans characters that are labeled as female such as Madeline,Vivian, and if you want a bit semantic poison but whoever made the tags probably jerk off to them already so there just in denial lmao

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    marcymal said:

    It's just one guy complaining about a 5-star not bending the game over her knee and then two guys forgetting this isn't twitter.

    It's the issue of there being a literal feeding frenzy over her when we know that Hoyo tends to make later S Ranks strong enough that rushing the launch limited will be a mistake by comparison. By that time F2Ps will already be in way too deep.

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    RNGCombo said:

    Gotta say, apart from being Adult Gura Alter she seems like bait for launch limited banner compared to a DPS Goddess like Seele. Really unimpressed with her demo gameplay.

    She actually is a first banner DPS monster like Seele, since she's the first Limited to complete a competent elemental team. Ice which is currently the best Meta team.
    Von Lycon shreds Ice Res and Def, and Shokaku boosts damage. Which Ellen can dish out very very quickly.

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