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  • 2girls bat_wings blonde_hair bloomers bow broken_glass brooch checkered checkered_floor closed_mouth commentary_request couch crystal dress dutch_angle expressionless flandre_scarlet frilled_dress frills full_moon glass hair_between_eyes hat hat_bow highres indoors jewelry looking_at_viewer mob_cap mochacot moon multiple_girls no_shoes pointy_ears red_bow red_eyes red_footwear red_moon red_neckwear remilia_scarlet shoes short_hair siblings single_shoe sisters sitting stuffed_animal stuffed_bunny stuffed_toy teddy_bear touhou underwear white_legwear window wings
    3girls :d apron bare_shoulders black_hair blue_eyes brown_hair closed_eyes commentary_request crescent crescent_hair_ornament curry curry_rice dated detached_sleeves elbow_gloves empty_eyes eyebrows eyebrows_visible_through_hair fingerless_gloves food glass gloves gradient gradient_background hair_between_eyes hair_ornament hamu_koutarou head_scarf headgear hiei_(kantai_collection) highres holding holding_tray jitome kantai_collection long_hair multiple_girls nagato_(kantai_collection) nontraditional_miko open_mouth plate pot purple_eyes purple_hair ribbon-trimmed_sleeves ribbon_trim rice shaded_face short_hair smile tearing_up tray trembling water yayoi_(kantai_collection)
    2018 bear bird blue blush cherry chick closed_eyes commentary_request dated food fruit glass highres ice_cream ice_cream_float miya_(miyabio) original penguin polar_bear shochuumimai summer
    1girl :> air_bubble aqua_swimsuit bangs bendy_straw blue_flower blush brown_hair bubble cherry chibi closed_mouth collarbone cup dot_nose drinking_glass drinking_straw dutch_angle floral_print flower food frilled_swimsuit frills fruit glass hair_flower hair_ornament hairband hands_on_own_face hibiscus ice ice_cream ice_cream_float ice_cube idolmaster idolmaster_cinderella_girls in_container in_cup knees_together_feet_apart komoe_(hinagatu) lace_hairband leg_up looking_at_viewer martini minigirl nagatomi_hasumi one-piece_swimsuit partially_submerged red_flower red_rose rose short_hair simple_background smile solo swept_bangs swimsuit tareme wavy_hair white_background yellow_eyes yellow_flower yellow_rose
    1boy 1girl 3koma blush blush_stickers comic commentary_request eyebrows_visible_through_hair flower food glass hair_flower hair_ornament holding holding_spoon long_hair looking_at_another looking_at_viewer looking_away momiji_mao original short_hair smile spoon translation_request
    1boy 1girl 4koma >_< bangs blush blush_stickers closed_mouth collared_shirt comic commentary_request eating eyebrows_visible_through_hair food glass hair_between_eyes hand_on_own_cheek holding holding_spoon looking_at_viewer looking_away momiji_mao open_mouth original shirt smile spoon spoon_in_mouth translation_request
    1boy alarm_clock animal barefoot blue_flower book bookshelf brown_hair brown_pants bug bunny butterfly cabinet clock computer dappled_sunlight day door facing_away flower food fruit full_body glass grass indoors insect laptop lying male_focus mouse_(computer) nature orange_flower original outstretched_arms pants pillow plant pood1e shadow shirt short_hair sign sky sleeping stairs star sunlight table tree yellow_shirt
    0_0 3girls akatsuki_(kantai_collection) black_hair blue_eyes blue_hair blush_stickers broken_glass broken_window brown_hair colored comic commentary_request crying door doorknob folded_ponytail futon glass hair_between_eyes hat highres ikazuchi_(kantai_collection) inazuma_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection long_hair messy_hair microphone monitor multiple_girls nyonyonba_tarou one_eye_closed purple_eyes school_uniform serafuku short_hair snot snot_trail translated youtube
    1girl armband bangs broken_glass brown_hair closed_mouth crossed_bangs digi-mind_update_(girls_frontline) girls_frontline glass hair_between_eyes hair_ornament headgear hood hood_down hooded_jacket jacket long_hair looking_at_viewer necktie one_eye_closed one_side_up prosthesis prosthetic_arm scar scar_across_eye shattered shirt sidelocks silence_girl smile ump45_(girls_frontline) upper_body white_shirt yellow_eyes yellow_neckwear
    2girls animal_ears black_hair bracelet braid breasts cleavage commentary_request dark_skin eating facial_mark fate/grand_order fate_(series) food french_fries glass hamburger headband jewelry multiple_girls nitocris_(fate/grand_order) nu_tarou plate ponytail purple_hair scheherazade_(fate/grand_order) smile straw
    2girls absurdres akapii_(jun_0512) bangs bikini bikini_skirt blonde_hair blue_eyes blush bracelet breasts cloud commentary_request drink drinking_straw fingernails floral_print from_below glass green_eyes hair_between_eyes heart highres holding holding_hands huge_filesize ichinose_shiki idolmaster idolmaster_cinderella_girls jewelry lens_flare looking_at_viewer medium_breasts multiple_girls nail_polish outdoors palm_tree parted_lips petals purple_hair sakurai_momoka side-tie_bikini sky small_breasts smile standing summer sunlight swimsuit tree water
    2girls alcohol anchor black_gloves blonde_hair brown_eyes brown_hair capelet celtic_knot commentary_request cup drinking_glass drinking_straw glass gloves gradient gradient_background graf_zeppelin_(kantai_collection) grey_eyes hair_between_eyes iron_cross japanese_clothes kaga_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection long_hair military military_uniform multiple_girls necktie orange_juice side_ponytail sidelocks sipping taisa_(kari) tasuki twintails uniform upper_body wine wine_glass yellow_background
    1girl album_cover apple arm_up breasts broken_glass brown_eyes brown_hair cloud cloudy_sky commentary_request cover dress eternal_melody food fruit glass highres long_hair missile228 outdoors outstretched_arm overcast palace parted_lips planted_sword planted_weapon profile puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves red_apple short_sleeves sky small_breasts snow_white solo sword tower weapon white_dress
    1girl against_glass bangs bare_shoulders bikini_top blush breast_press breasts breasts_on_glass brown_eyes brown_hair collarbone commentary_request eyebrows_visible_through_hair glass hanekoto looking_at_viewer medium_breasts open_mouth original pink_bikini_top short_hair smile solo strap_slip swimsuit upper_body wet wet_hair
    2boys 2girls :d bandana belt black_pants black_shirt blue_pants blue_shorts blue_sky book brown_hair camping chair cigarette_box closed_eyes cloud cloudy_sky commentary cup day denim denim_shorts fio_germi folding_chair food glass green_bandana grill hamburger holding holding_book hot_dog jeans kasamoto_eri looking_at_another marco_rossi medium_hair metal_slug midriff mountain multiple_boys multiple_girls open_mouth outdoors pants plate ponytail sasisage shirt shishkebab short_hair shorts sitting sky smile smoke standing steak sunglasses t-shirt table tank_top tarma_roving tongs white_shirt
    0_0 2girls 4koma >_< absurdres bangs beret black_bow black_gloves black_jacket blouse blunt_bangs blush bow box chinese chinese_commentary chocolate comic commentary dirty_face error food girls_frontline glass gloves hair_bow hair_ribbon hat health_bar highres holding holding_box ice_cream jacket messy_hair mp5_(girls_frontline) multiple_girls necktie one_side_up opening patchworks purple_hair red_eyes red_neckwear red_ribbon ribbon shirt speech_bubble spill sundae teardrop translated tsundere wa2000_(girls_frontline) wafer_stick wavy_mouth white_hair white_shirt wing_collar xiujia_yihuizi
    2girls ahoge alternate_costume banana blue_eyes bottle closed_eyes commentary_request day dress drink flower food fruit glass grapes hair_ribbon hibiscus kousaka_honoka looking_at_viewer love_live! love_live!_sunshine!! multiple_girls one_eye_closed open_mouth orange_hair orein outdoors palm_tree popsicle ribbon short_hair side_ponytail sitting skirt smile table takami_chika tree water_bottle watermelon
    +_+ 6+boys 6+girls :3 :q >_< >_o absurdres ajirogasa alcohol apron aqua_eyes aqua_hair aqua_shirt arm_up armlet armor artist_name artist_self-insert asymmetrical_sleeves balloon bangs birthday_cake biscuit_(zoza) black-framed_eyewear black_hair black_kimono black_shirt black_shorts blonde_hair blouse blue_blouse blue_dress blue_eyes blue_hair blunt_bangs blush bobblehat book bow bowtie breasts brother_and_sister brown_eyes butler cake candy_(zoza) cellphone cephalopod_eyes champagne champagne_flute cleavage closed_eyes collared_shirt commentary cookie_(zoza) cousins covering_face crazy_(zoza) crop_top crown cup dark_skin daunii_(splatoon) domino_mask donut_(zoza) dress dress_shirt drinking_glass earrings elbow_gloves embarrassed english english_commentary fangs fingerless_gloves flower flying_sweatdrops food foreshortening fork frightening_(zoza) fruit fusion genteel_(zoza) glass glasses gloves goggles goggles_on_head gradient_hair green_eyes green_hair green_hat green_shirt grey-framed_eyewear grey_eyes grey_hair hair_flower hair_ornament hairclip hands_on_own_chin happy_birthday hat hawaiian_shirt headphones heart highres hime_(splatoon) holding holding_book holding_cellphone holding_food holding_fork holding_phone hood hoodie iida_(splatoon) inkling jacket japanese_clothes jewelry juliet_sleeves kimono kiss lavender_hair light_brown_hair lollipop_(zoza) long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_another looking_back maid maid_apron maid_headdress mask mechanical_arm medium_breasts middle_finger midriff mole mole_under_eye mole_under_mouth mother_and_daughter multicolored_hair multiple_boys multiple_girls muscle muscular_female octoling one_eye_closed open_mouth orange_hair pancake pancake_(zoza) pants paper phone plaid plaid_shirt plate pointing pointing_up pointy_ears pose pretty_(zoza) pudding_(zoza) puffy_sleeves purple_hair quill rectangular_eyewear red_hair red_shirt sane_(zoza) school_uniform scrunchie seaweed self_shot serafuku shirt shorts siblings signature sleeveless sleeveless_dress smartphone smile sparkle splatoon splatoon_2 splatoon_2:_octo_expansion squidbeak_splatoon standing strawberry sunglasses sweatdrop takozonesu tentacle_hair tongue tongue_out topknot tray very_dark_skin waffle_(zoza) white_belt white_blouse white_dress white_hair white_jacket white_neckwear white_shirt zipper zipper_pull_tab zoza
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