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  • 1girl highres kantai_collection orihi_chihiro sendai_(kantai_collection) solo
    1girl anchor_hair_ornament bikini black_bikini blue_eyes blush breasts collarbone covered_nipples hair_between_eyes hair_ornament highres kantai_collection large_breasts ntk_(7t5) parted_lips prinz_eugen_(kantai_collection) simple_background skindentation solo strap_pull swimsuit thighs twisted_torso upper_body white_background
    dog drooling food hat heart highres ice_cream makkachin nita_(msre27) no_humans oversized_object spoon tongue tongue_out vicchan yuri!!!_on_ice
    1girl alternate_costume artist_name black_hair blue_eyes blue_sailor_collar blush dated highres houshou_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection kawashina_(momen_silicon) long_hair ponytail sailor_collar school_swimsuit school_uniform serafuku short_sleeves solo swimsuit swimsuit_under_clothes water
    4boys black_hair blonde_hair brown_eyes closed_eyes cotton_candy eating full_moon hair_bobbles hair_ornament hair_slicked_back highres japanese_clothes katsuki_yuuri kimono male_focus moon multiple_boys nita_(msre27) open_mouth otabek_altin silver_hair smile viktor_nikiforov yukata yuri!!!_on_ice yuri_plisetsky
    5girls anchovy anzio_(emblem) anzio_military_uniform blonde_hair blush breasts brown_hair canteen carpaccio character_request cleavage cup dagger drill_hair emblem girls_und_panzer glasses goggles goggles_on_headwear gun helmet highres long_hair machine_gun multiple_girls open_clothes open_shirt pepperoni_(girls_und_panzer) riding_crop shirt short_hair siko_(girls_und_panzer) smile sweat thighs twintails vehicle_request weapon yoshikawa_kazunori
    3boys black_hair blonde_hair blue-framed_eyewear blue_eyes child closed_eyes fairy_wings glasses heart highres horns katsuki_yuuri leaf lying male_focus multiple_boys nita_(msre27) on_back on_side ponytail silver_hair sleeping teenage viktor_nikiforov wings younger yuri!!!_on_ice yuri_plisetsky
    1girl black_hair breasts cleavage collarbone cup eyebrows_visible_through_hair highres holding holding_cup holding_spoon large_breasts looking_at_viewer medium_hair nayuta69 original parted_lips ponytail solo upper_body yellow_eyes
    1girl bison_cangshu black_hat blue_bow blue_eyes blue_ribbon bow breasts brown_hair character_request copyright_request eyebrows_visible_through_hair green_skirt hat hat_bow hat_ribbon highres large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer plaid plaid_skirt ribbon skirt solo thighhighs white_legwear witch_hat
    3girls black_legwear blue_eyes blush brown_eyes brown_hair character_request closed_eyes elbow_gloves eyebrows_visible_through_hair gloves highres idolmaster idolmaster_cinderella_girls looking_at_viewer multiple_girls open_mouth side_ponytail smile thighhighs white_gloves yuuki_tatsuya
    1boy 1girl armor armored_boots blonde_hair boots brown_eyes chibi djeeta_(granblue_fantasy) dragoon_(granblue_fantasy) full_body gauntlets gran_(granblue_fantasy) granblue_fantasy helmet highres holding holding_weapon lineart looking_at_viewer male_focus minaba_hideo official_art pauldrons polearm scan short_hair simple_background skirt smile spear tail thighhighs weapon zettai_ryouiki
    1girl absurdres blue_eyes braid breasts chinese_clothes commentary_request genderswap genderswap_(mtf) highres large_breasts long_hair one_eye_closed ranma-chan ranma_1/2 red_hair red_shirt revision saotome_ranma shirt single_braid solo tangzhuang tentsu very_long_hair
    1boy 1girl absurdres armor bikini_top boots cape chibi djeeta_(granblue_fantasy) full_body gauntlets gran_(granblue_fantasy) granblue_fantasy helmet highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon male_focus midriff minaba_hideo navel official_art open_mouth pelvic_curtain pointing red_cape scan shield simple_background sleeveless sparta_(granblue_fantasy) sword thigh_boots thighhighs weapon wide_stance
    1boy 1girl ass bare_shoulders blonde_hair brown_eyes brown_hair capelet chibi circlet cravat djeeta_(granblue_fantasy) dress full_body gran_(granblue_fantasy) granblue_fantasy harp harpist_(granblue_fantasy) hat highres holding instrument jewelry lineart looking_at_viewer looking_back male_focus minaba_hideo official_art open_mouth pants_under_shorts scan shorts simple_background skin_tight vest
    1girl ahoge black_scarf cherry_blossoms fate_(series) full_moon green_eyes haori highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon japanese_clothes katana kimono koha-ace koukyou moon night night_sky open_mouth sakura_saber sash scarf short_kimono sky sleeveless sleeveless_kimono solo sword toeless_legwear tree weapon white_kimono
    1boy 1girl armor armored_boots bikini_armor blonde_hair boots breastplate breasts brown_eyes brown_hair cape chibi concept_art djeeta_(granblue_fantasy) feathers full_body gauntlets gran_(granblue_fantasy) granblue_fantasy helmet highres holding holding_weapon lineart male_focus medium_breasts midriff minaba_hideo navel official_art pauldrons pelvic_curtain polearm scan short_hair simple_background spear thighhighs valkyrie_(granblue_fantasy) weapon
    1girl bare_shoulders black_background black_bow blonde_hair bow detached_collar fame_peera fate/grand_order fate_(series) flower gloves green_eyes hair_bow high_heels highres lily_(flower) long_hair looking_to_the_side pantyhose petals ponytail saber saber_lily simple_background solo sword weapon
    1girl argyle argyle_legwear bangs bare_shoulders belt black_dress black_gloves black_legwear breasts brown_hair character_name chibi cleavage concept_art dagger dress elbow_gloves flower full_body garter_straps gloves granblue_fantasy hair_between_eyes high_heels highres holding holding_weapon large_breasts lineart long_hair minaba_hideo official_art petals rose rosetta_(granblue_fantasy) scan sheath sheathed side_slit simple_background smile solo standing thighhighs very_long_hair weapon
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