Blossop said:

Huh, he drew PC-98 versions of Reimu and Marisa, but Windows Yuuka.

It's because Touhou girls store their identity in their headwear. Reimu's always identifiable if her hair tubes are visible, as they are here. And Marisa's got her hat. But Yuuka doesn't typically have anything on her head, so it's harder to identify her if the outfit's different than the usual. Hence, Using the more-common Windows version as a compromise.

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    blindVigil said:

    You mean the one where Mococo is shocked that the condom broke? With nothing implying she intentionally damaged it? Unless you're suggesting Fuwawa did it, but there's nothing suggesting that either. Condoms do just break on their own, you know, that doesn't mean it was tampered with.

    If you can't visually identify that the condom has been tampered with, and you can't, it can't be tagged sabotaged condom.

    I didn't tag it tho?

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