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Rename all FGO summer chartags + Osakabehime rejected Sessyoin Kiara Sessyoin Kiara
captain_spaceboy aliases rejected humanfilth BobTheBuilder v1
Nuke: upper/lower teeth only rejected punished K DanbooruBot
nuke multiple_sources rejected magcolo DanbooruBot
Blackbeard and whitebeard tags (one piece) rejected Admiral Pectoral DanbooruBot
Aliases to clarify bull boy and minotaur tagging rejected Admiral Pectoral Admiral Pectoral
Alias request Master_Eraqus and Master_Xehanort -> Eraqus and Xehanort rejected togechu nonamethanks
Imply head_on_another's_shoulder -> head_rest rejected KagayakuShiningGate nonamethanks
Reorganize Zelda's Majora Masks qualifier rejected TrueKringe DanbooruBot
sucking_both_nipples Implication rejected Icy Auron DanbooruBot
Alias looking_at_each_other -> eye_contact rejected KagayakuShiningGate DanbooruBot
Flight_helmet utility alias rejected World Funeral DanbooruBot
Gas cylinder utility alias. rejected World Funeral DanbooruBot
Unqualify Chi-Yu rejected AngryZapdos DanbooruBot
[NSFW] Reconsidering the usefulness vs. redundancy of any loli or shota-related subtags rejected World Funeral DanbooruBot
Aliasing similiar tree type tags (formerly imply spruce -> conifer) rejected World Funeral DanbooruBot
Nuke redundant Blue Archive character tags rejected blindVigil DanbooruBot
Clothes on/over head alias rejected World Funeral DanbooruBot
Imply sleeves_past_elbows -> long_sleeves rejected AngryZapdos DanbooruBot
imply idol_(yoasobi) -> yoasobi rejected 岩戸鈴芽 DanbooruBot
Imply piercing -> jewelry rejected NightjarInaJar DanbooruBot
Imply hoop_piercing -> piercing rejected NightjarInaJar DanbooruBot
imply animal_ear_piercing -> ear_piercing rejected NightjarInaJar DanbooruBot
breast_sucking + lactation = breastfeeding rejected Icy Auron DanbooruBot
imply ass-to-ass_penetration -> ass-to-ass rejected Pokeball99 DanbooruBot
Rename and recategory Satono Diamond's second official alternate costume rejected lyagushka DanbooruBot
Qualifying forced as nonsexual rejected Veraducks nonamethanks
Aliasing Esca tag due to accidental double creation rejected memast DanbooruBot
Artist alias request thread rejected bonesawisready DanbooruBot
Should Ro-500 implicate U-511 (Kantai Collection)? rejected evvvk DanbooruBot
rename artist_painter -> painter_(artist) rejected The Bob DanbooruBot
Caterpillar tracks aliase and rename rejected TrueKringe DanbooruBot
Comiket Qualifier rejected Unbreakable DanbooruBot
Deprecate cover_image rejected Sessyoin Kiara DanbooruBot
jorts alias rejected Pokeball99 DanbooruBot
Updating Kirin X Yato's tag rejected blindVigil DanbooruBot
holding_fruit granularity rejected AngryZapdos DanbooruBot
Create implication pointing_weapon -> holding_weapon rejected Admiral Pectoral DanbooruBot
Circlet = Diadem? rejected sandlecrantz DanbooruBot
Summer Artoria Caster class rejected Hassantaleb4 DanbooruBot
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