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How do I tag this? page 467 Schrobby Aken Bosch
Adding copyright tag for "Something Like a Cat" webcomic pending TrueKringe nonamethanks
From Soft qualifiers/names approved c spl DanbooruBot
Ginga franchise implications approved Heartcatcher DanbooruBot
Tales of Hearts English name aliases pending Blank User nonamethanks
Elden Ring DLC Implication pending c spl c spl
Deprecating/Aliasing Rule34-type tags page 2 pending Veraducks Veraducks
Honkai Impact/Gakuen requests page 5 pending xcv450 Love from HI3
Imply gecko -> lizard pending Heartcatcher Heartcatcher
New/Repopulated/Nuked Tag Report page 37 nonamethanks NNTBot
shirt between breasts jsdmate jsdmate
Retired tag aliases & implications page 16 DanbooruBot DanbooruBot
RFC re: armband, armlet and other armwear tags rejected Arcana55 DanbooruBot
Deprecate wood rejected World Funeral DanbooruBot
unalias anata-chan rejected caps7 DanbooruBot
deprecate ass_grab pending gfz DanbooruBot
Arika character qualifier change pending Damian0358 DanbooruBot
imply boulder, pebble -> rock pending The Bob DanbooruBot
Groping motion alias pending Admiral Pectoral DanbooruBot
Remove the hachimaki -> headband implication pending やっかいな人でごめん DanbooruBot
The Great Kirby Implication Upkeep Quest pending Knowledge Seeker DanbooruBot
Len'en Tag Upkeep pending Knowledge Seeker Knowledge Seeker
Official romanization of Breath of Fire's Ryus pending shemingwan wen shemingwan wen
Deprecate finger_biting pending Mexiguy Mexiguy
Imply "Game screenshot background" -> "Screenshot background" pending Ourobouro Ourobouro
tag for a character having a heel-face turn arisboch arisboch
X-Men vs Street Fighter -> MVC pending Punished Kiki ToxicOrochi
alias j._worthington_foulfellow -> honest_john_(disney) pending The Bob The Bob
Nuke blue_heart pending Benit149 reg panda
standardizing d&d mystara tags pending gfz Iroshi
Lyrical Nanoha's characters & devices implications & alias page 3 pending finalwar finalwar
Tag alias: center_frills -> frilled_placket page 2 pending user 525419 KalpacMuskoxen
Disambiguating collaboration pending HeeroWingZero HeeroWingZero
Should Ornaments have umbrella tags? pending zetsubousensei DanbooruBot
Alias knockout -> k.o. pending TrueKringe DanbooruBot
Implication for Phoxhunter (Duet Night Abyss protagonist) pending Love from HI3 DanbooruBot
Missing *_audio Implications pending Zundamonium Zundamonium
Imply yuusaki_riko -> yuuki_rito pending Fenton caps7
imply portrait_of_exotic_girls -> Touhou pending tremolo measure tremolo measure
Electric Guitars renaming and implications to electric_guitar pending testingmmmmm 岩戸鈴芽
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