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Title Status Creator Updated by Updated at
Unimply military pending World Funeral World Funeral
New/Repopulated/Nuked Tag Report page 23 nonamethanks NNTBot
Qualify M202 FLASH (rocket launcher) rejected World Funeral DanbooruBot
Visually indistinct gun alias #7: Even more same weapons under different designations page 2 pending World Funeral DanbooruBot
alias eyewear_on_clothing -> eyewear_hang pending Hankpropaniac57 Hankpropaniac57
How do I tag this? page 404 approved Schrobby humanfilth
English to Japanese title aliases page 30 pending evazion The Bob
Azur Lane's characters skins implications page 3 approved Aken Bosch Aken Bosch
vibrator_in_thigh_strap implications pending Admiral Pectoral GreyOmega4K
Project Voltage implications pending humanfilth Pokeball99
Visually indistinct guns alias #3: FN MAG & M240 vs. FN Minimi & M249 rejected World Funeral World Funeral
tenkuu_shinpan alias pending kcurator kcurator
alias electric_plug_tail -> cable_tail pending ElGranFracaso ElGranFracaso
Aliasing k_(anime) to k-project. Updating 2 Character Tags. pending Sakasuke Sakasuke
alias biting_hand -> hand_biting pending Pokeball99 Sakasuke
[bulk] Colored Bowties + Teeth pending user 460797 World Funeral
School_bag alias pending World Funeral DanbooruBot
toy car utility alias pending thelieutenant thelieutenant
The Vtuber Alternate Costume Tagging Proposal page 15 pending thelieutenant TheGamingRodent
Madoka Magica costumes that were only named years later pending KagayakuShiningGate Maiden in Orange
deprecate child_on_child rejected Nameless Contributor DanbooruBot
Teardrop-framed glasses alias rejected World Funeral DanbooruBot
Create implication superman_exposure-> opened_by_self rejected Admiral Pectoral DanbooruBot
Deprecate neckwear_grab rejected KagayakuShiningGate DanbooruBot
2channel (2ch) renames and aliases rejected TrueKringe DanbooruBot
[bulk] Street Fighter character names page 2 pending StalkingPanda DanbooruBot
[Blue Archive] Costume implications page 2 pending Astolfo DanbooruBot
rename godtier_(homestuck) -> god_tier_(homestuck) pending The Bob The Bob
populating a new tag: choker_over_clothes Pokeball99 Pokeball99
category sprite_sheet -> meta pending Nell Nell
PGR tags implication and renaming BUR pending Ajisaiii Ajisaiii
Nuke fushigi_no_dungeon pending AngryZapdos 7HS
Rename all FGO summer chartags + Osakabehime rejected Sessyoin Kiara Sessyoin Kiara
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game implications pending AngryZapdos AngryZapdos
captain_spaceboy aliases rejected humanfilth BobTheBuilder v1
Retired tag aliases & implications page 14 DanbooruBot DanbooruBot
Aliasing Greek clothes to its antiquity pending Damian0358 DanbooruBot
alias wrist_belt -> belt_bracelet pending Hankpropaniac57 DanbooruBot
One Piece alias request thread pending sidbarrett Mavado
Create Birdmaid by cleaning Harpy pending Veraducks Damian0358
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