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Topic: How do I tag this?

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You want to tag something and don't know what tag to use? Here's the place to ask.

Evangeline_A.K._McDowell brought it up, I think such a thread is a good idea.

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  • MagicalAsparagus

    +1, I'm often having trouble tagging stuff, expecially clothes, and nobody seems to respond to comments or tagme :/ How about sticky?

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  • Sacriven

    Finally a proper thread for asking about tags. Tags related to clothes and object position is pretty complex for a newbie, IMO.

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  • MagicalAsparagus

    Seems legit, I guess?.. I couldn't find anything relevant with *feet*, *leg* or *run* anyway. Tagged it, feel free to edit the wiki.

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  • Type-kun

    This thread seems to be fairly useful, but I'm not sure if it should be sticky - tag questions arise often enough, so it would stay within first two pages or something anyway.

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  • zeparoh

    henmere said:


    MagicalAsparagus said:

    there was something connected to this with people parodying an angel from NGE, and a scene in Kill Me Baby ED too, I think..

    yep, iirc, it's appeared in 20th century boys, yotsubato!, Garasu no Kamen, some old slice of life/shounen manga and Beavis and Butt-head (Cornholio).

    I'm not sure they're a parody pose or just common silly act of children here and there (Cornholio is from western, My friend and I did this when we were young and there's no manga/anime around).

    I hope we could get a general tag to this one, but jamila_pose is the best pick right now, gonna roll with it.

    Thank you :)

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