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chouryuujin, enryuu, hyouryuu, kusuha mizuha, mazinger z, and others (mazinger z, super robot wars, yuusha ou gaogaigar, and yuusha series) drawn by konno tohiro
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    A classic; perhaps it started the trend of pics or at least gave it a name


    This is probably the source of linking the GaoGaiGar 2 robot combining technique name with the ever classic 2 girls squishing breast together pose. Then again Anryu and Kouryu in GaoGaiGar Final probably helped the whole idea along.


    A year late on informing you of this, but you would be correct: This image is directly responsible for the name of the "symmetrical_docking" tag.


    Artemiy said:

    That's ChouRyuJin, so here's a working link for TenRyuJin, until it inevitably dies and someone has to post a new one again:


    Yes, but I believe the original link from ashot02 was ChouRyuJin, and Skribulous just offered a TenRyuJin sequence instead when the first link died. (Admittedly, I can't be sure, as the link was dead by the time I found this post.)