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In forum #31811, discussion turned to various tasks (most related to specific search queries), it would be great if we could try to put a dent in. I also brought up the idea of putting these ideas into a "How to help" wiki for people's reference, akin to Wikipedia's 'Help out' task lists .

I've created this thread so we can brainstrom ideas for tasks, and discuss how best to structure such a page.

Here's what we had so far from the other thread:

Any suggestions for new tasks or to revise these ones, or to discussion on making a wiki page for this topic is welcome.

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Well as long as we keep track of current status in here, someone won't go looking for something that's been fixed for the time being.

I guess you could add all the terrible cosplay handling I do on a bi-weekly basis but it's harder for me to put down what I do rather than just doing it.

e: ugh I should just dmail the most frequent offenders *cough*Herrmobel and Mr_GT*cough* and tell them to use the cosplay tag instead of just the supplementary tags. :|


Various searches to help find missing/incorrect tags:

EDIT: Refined a few searches and added some new ones.


evazion said:

  • source:*www.pixiv.net*
    • Incorrect pixiv source. Some of these can't be fixed because the pixiv account has since been deleted.

I'm subscribed to the rss for this and jhx is dmailing the offenders so it's probably for the best that I'm the only one handling this for the time being.

evazion said:

Also foo_(cosplay) -foo and foo_(cosplay) -copyright. These are less common but they still happen from time to time.

Log said: I'm subscribed to the rss for this and jhx is dmailing the offenders so it's probably for the best that I'm the only one handling this for the time being.

Yeah, while it's nice for others to fix these URLs as they see them, doing so means the person who put the wrong URL isn't being notified about it, and they'll continue to do it until someone alerts them. Just letting Log's script fix them and then me dmailing them is likely to fix the situation more permanently. And it seems to work fairly well, as most people on the list are *not* repeat offenders.

Fencedude said: Wouldn't it help to have the system automatically reject *www.pixiv.net* in the source?

Similar things have been suggested before, yeah. Though there's the risk of someone just uploading with no source to get around it, which would be a problem.

Well, if we have it present an explanation of how to do it when it rejects the URL, that should solve most of it.

Of course, there will always be a few morons who won't get it, but they'll probably reveal themselves in other ways anyway and be weeded out.

0xCCBA696 said: Fixing pixiv URLs seems like something that should be possible to automate, doesn't it?

Probably. Log's script can do it, so I'm sure albert can code something similar up.

The benefit to the current strategy, though, is that it lets me warn people who upload URLs that *can't* be automatically fixed, such as linking to the member profile or something. Though of course notifying people can be done automatically too I guess. ::shrug::


Just started trying to help. I am trying to work through artist_request and source_request. Some images I found already have the artist and title/source tag. Should I remove those request tags then? What is considered 'finished' so I can remove them? Finding artist website? Posting the Getchu page?

Trying not to mess up everything


Kayako said:
I could use some help, specifically at the moment I'm digging out original characters missing the original tag.

I've been doing this some as well on other people's Pixiv uploads.

I'm a little fuzzy on how it should be tagged in regards to artists drawing other artist's nameless, one-off original characters, because that happens a lot on Pixiv. Opinions on if you'd all still tag that original even if it's someone else's original character?

From the wiki: "Use this tag when the artwork is an original creation and does not contain characters from established anime or game."

I believe we we came to a consensus that regardless of who originally drew it and who is currently drawing it, it counts as an original character as long as it belongs to no established series.

About a month ago, I made a script that goes through source:*pixiv* arttags:0 and checks for artists who have more than one image on the site.

I just ran it again tonight and it made a text file that has about 975 Pixiv usernames (last month it was over 1200).

I can upload it if anybody wants to help out with it.

EDIT: Whoops, I forgot I still had it set to start 1200 posts in. Lemmie run it again.
EDIT 2: Corrected numbers.


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