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オリジナル 創作 原創 原创 看板娘 看板息子 自キャラ オリキャラ オリジナル艦娘 オリ刀剣 창작 oc 创作 うちの子 うちの娘 オリジナルキャラクター 自作キャラ Оригинальный original_character original ออริจินอล オリジナルフレンズ オリフレ

Use this tag when the artwork is an original creation and does not contain characters from established anime or game. This tag exists mainly to tell others that it's NOT a character from an anime or game, so you should use it only when you are certain the character is original.

If the artwork uses a different artist's original character, include the borrowed character tag as well.

Note: This tag is categorized 'copyright' intentionally. See forum #20870

Outside tags

Most original artworks on Pixiv are tagged with:

  • オリジナル ("Original")
  • 創作 ("Creation")
  • 原創 (Original via Taiwan artist)
  • 原创 (Original via China artist)
  • 看板娘 ("Poster Girl" of Artist's Webpage)
  • 自キャラ (Own Character)
  • オリキャラ (OriChara)

Note: Some works on Pixiv are occasionally tagged original by accident, and other works will be tagged original by the character designer or such when it would get a different copyright tag on Danbooru.

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