[APPROVED] Tag implication: english_commentary -> commentary

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create implication english_commentary -> commentary

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This tag is being populated on and off, so might as well get this implication out of the way (for the topic on the introduction of language commentaries tags, see: topic #14807)

The wiki for commentary says:
"Posts with this tag have the artist's accompanying commentary from the original site posted (and, if necessary, translated into English)".
English commentaries fall under the "commentary" tag because they don't need translation, as danbooru is an english speaking site.

EDIT: The tag implication english_commentary -> commentary (forum #145115) has been approved by @Hillside_Moose.

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remove implication english_commentary -> commentary

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Just encountered a situation where only part of the original commentary was English, however adding the English commentary tag adds the commentary tag due to the above implication. It probably shouldn't though, as the commentary tag indicates that everything has been translated, just like the translated tag does the same for the image. We don't add the translated tag automatically for images with the English/English text tags, and likewise we shouldn't add the commentary tag for English commentary (or any of the other languages). Those should always be used to indicate the content of the original commentary.

EDIT: This bulk update request is pending automatic rejection in 5 days.

EDIT: The bulk update request #1783 (forum #149902) has been approved by @Hillside_Moose.

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While I agree with the reversal of this implication because of potential false positives, we now have the reverse problem with the commentary tag not included on thousands of images which it plainly should be:

Post count for english_commentary -commentary : 3913
Post count for english_commentary -commentary -mixed-language_commentary -check_commentary -partial_commentary: 3631 posts