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Topic: Tumblr sources (also bookmarklet-related)


Mikaeri said:

So currently we're in the midst of deciding whether _1280 should indeed be treated as a sample size or not... They should probably be since we do so for Twitter, but I understand the other problems with doing that since _1280 has been so widespread. Currently, the vast majority of _1280 "samples" match these two searches:

And some of these already have their full-sizes uploaded from pixiv, which would mean an immediate move to deletion for the inferior tumblr post if that's to be the case.

@D1ce This is an important discussion you might need to know, since you just replaced one manually.

@NWF_Renim @Type-kun @albert

Although I'm glad this resolves having to manually download and check for a correct PNG vs JPEG file, it looks like I'm going to be busy replacing a number of my uploads once again. These sample replacements (and re-replacements) are really adding up on my deletion counts. :/

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