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"東方" (Japanese for "east")

A series of doujin vertical shooter games created by Oota Jun'ya (as ZUN), featuring a large cast of girls and almost no male characters.

Touhou first appeared on the NEC PC-9801 computers in its first five games between 1996 and 1998 before going into hiatus, during which time ZUN left his former team, Amusement Makers. In 2002 he returned as the one-man doujin group Team Shanghai Alice and released Touhou for the Windows OS, thus exposing it to a larger audience.

The games themselves, mostly in the category danmaku ("bullet hell"), are addictive and have acquired a large following. In particular, his original music is incredibly popular and is the subject of numerous doujin remix albums.

Currently Touhou has sixteen mainstream danmaku shooter games, four danmaku spinoffs and six fighting spinoffs made in collaboration with Tasogare Frontier. A number of supplementary materials are also included in the series including manga, short stories, fanbooks, and music CDs.

The backgrounds and personalities of its characters (the majority of which come from the Windows generation) are often expanded upon in doujins and, occasionally, ZUN canonizes some concepts.

NOTE: Due to most characters appearing in more than one game, only the "Touhou" tag should be used unless a specific game is directly referenced by the content of the post. All of the characters in a picture having debuted in the same game is not sufficient to constitute a direct reference. Depicting the full cast of a game (with or without the protagonists) will usually count as a direct reference, so long as no other characters are present.

Genderswapped Touhou characters are often referred to with the tag 東方ショタ化


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