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An armored, traditionally tracked military vehicle with a single cannon (some early tanks had many machine guns or more than one cannon). Its heavy armor gives the crew protection from enemy fire while the caterpillar treads let it traverse difficult terrain or obstacles.

For tagging purposes this tag may also be used on any tank-like vehicle, whether real or fictional. This may include things such as tank destroyers (ex: Sturmgeschutz III), self-propelled guns (ex: M109 Howitzer), rocket artillery (ex: Pereh Missile Carrier [1]), and the like.

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[1] Wikipedia: Pereh Missile Carrier

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The following tags implicate this tag: leopard_2, m1_abrams, m24_chaffee, merkava, panzerkampfwagen_panther, panzerkampfwagen_i, panzerkampfwagen_ii, panzerkampfwagen_iii, panzerkampfwagen_viii_maus, t-72, t-90, type_97_chi-ha, kv-1, kv-2, panzerkampfwagen_iv, panzerkampfwagen_38(t), t-34, type_74, type_90_kyu-maru, type_99_tank, carro_armato_p40, cromwell_(tank), m4_sherman, tiger_ii, centurion_(tank), bt-42, char_b1, m3_lee, is-2, carro_veloce_cv-33, matilda_(tank), jagdpanther, semovente_75/18, jagdpanzer_38(t), crusader_(tank), type_95_ha-gou, churchill_(tank), m18_hellcat, tiger_i, sherman_firefly, sturmgeschutz_iii, tiger_(p), type_3_chi-nu, type_10_(tank), type_89_i-gou (learn more).