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final fantasy

ファイナルファンタジー FF

A popular, long-running role-playing game series by Square Co., Ltd., later renamed Square Enix

Final Fantasy first appeared in 1987 as a last-ditch attempt by then-director Sakaguchi Hironobu to save Square from bankruptcy. Following the tremendous success of the first game, subsequent titles (each set in a different universe) were published ever since.

For a list of tagged characters, see List of Final Fantasy Characters.

When tagging the first game, use Final Fantasy I.


Main Series

Final Fantasy / II / III / IV (The After Years) / V / VI / VII (Before Crisis / Crisis Core / Dirge of Cereberus) / VIII / IX / X (X-2) / XI / XII (Revenant Wings) / XIII (Type-0) / XIV / XV

Dissidia (Duodecim 012)

Tactics / Tactics Advance (Tactics A2)

Crystal Chronicles (series)

Mystic Quest


Hikari no 4 Senshi

Movies / Anime

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