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idolmaster cinderella girls starlight stage

スターライトステージ デレステ

Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage is a free-to-play collectible card and rhythm mobile game and spin-off of Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, co-developed by Cygames and Bandai Namco Entertainment, published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Originally released on September 3rd, 2015 for Android, and on September 10th, 2015 for iOS.

The game combines much of the existing gashapon mechanics of its predecessor with rhythm gameplay and live 3D performances of both Cinderella Girls songs and new ones original to Starlight Stage. In addition to sharing music and characters, many of the same cards appear in the spin-off with expanded and revised illustrations.

Unlike its parent series, the Producer works for 346 Production, and the anime original character Mishiro is it's Executive Director.

Starlight Stage Songs

Original Unit Songs

Songs that debuted during an in-game event, by a unit unique to Starlight Stage. The related costume and unit names are listed where available.

As of February 14, 2017, all of these songs are set to receive their own in-game costumes, available through the dress shop.

Snow WingsPresent of Snow
TulipLiPPSFragrance of Night
Seizon Honnou ValkyriaEinherjarValkyria Oath
Junjou Midnight DensetsuEnjinLive Dress -Flame-
Love∞DestinyMasque:RadeScarlet Rose
SamaKani!!SamaPuriMarine Carnival
Inochi Moyashite Koiseyo OtomeYoi Otome
Sweet Witches' Night ~Rokuninme wa Daare~Sweetches
Sakura no KoroHarugasumi
Nothing but YouNEX-US
With LoveLove Yell
Little RiddleLittlePOPs
Nonoriginal Unit Songs

Songs that debuted during an in-game event, by temporary or pre-established units not unique to Starlight Stage.

Adapted Unit Songs

Songs that were released during an event in Starlight Stage but did not debut in it.

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All-Idol Costumes

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