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strike witches 1991 and world witches series drawn by dakku (ogitsune)
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    Artist's Commentary:

    リテイク+α。2枚目:クレア・ブラッドショウ大尉(18)リベリオン合衆国海兵隊・第1海兵航空団、<ワイルドキャット>中隊長。コールサイン<ワイルドキャット1>、TACネーム<ブラッディ>。ストライカーはAV-8B ハリアーⅡ戦闘攻撃機、使用武装はM203擲弾投射器付きM16A2小銃、ブラウニー・ハイパワー拳銃等。使い魔は猫。ニコル・ブラッドショウの姉で、カリブ海周辺で主な戦歴をもつ。湾岸ネウロイ戦争では半島南岸の戦線を戦い抜き、戦争末期に妹と再会を果たした。温和な性格ではあるが、自ら危険に飛び込んで行く性分で、彼女の積極的な航空支援で命を救われた兵士も多く、戦争中ワイルドキャット隊のエンブレムを見ない日はなかった、という伝説が囁かれる程である。 元ネタは映画「TOP GUN」ニック・ブラッドショウの妻キャロル・ブラッドショウ(メグ・ライアン)。

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    Retake+α, number 2: Captain Claire Bradshaw, age 18, commander of the United States of Liberion Marine Corps' First Marine Aircraft Wing, the "Wildcats". Her callsign is Wildcat 1, her TAC name is "Bloody". Her Strikers are AV-8B Harrier Ⅱ attack units, and her standard equipment is the M16A2 light rifle with an M203 grenade launcher, the Browning highpower handgun, etc. Her familiar is a cat. Nicole Bradshaw's older sister, she has quite a bit of experience in the Carribean Sea. In the Gulf Neuroi War she experienced continuous battle off the southern coast of the peninsula and was reunited with her sister towards the end of the war. She has a gentle personality, but is predisposed into rushing headlong into danger, and has saved a number of soldiers with her proactive air support, so there wasn't a single day when the the Wildcats' emblem wasn't seen on the battlefield. She's based on Nick Bradshaw's wife Carol Bradshaw (Meg Ryan) from the movie "TOP GUN".


    She's supposed to have a gentle personality but her nickname is "Bloody"... there's got to be a good story behind that. :lol: