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2girls animal_ears bad_id bad_pixiv_id blonde_hair blue_eyes boots brown_hair camouflage cat_ears choco-chip_(camouflage) commentary dakku_(ogitsune) green_eyes m81_woodland_(camo) multiple_girls nicole_bradshaw original panties patricia_mitchell skull_and_crossbones strike_witches_1991 sunglasses tail underwear uniform world_witches_series
1girl animal_ears bad_id bad_pixiv_id boots brown_eyes camouflage commentary dakku_(ogitsune) error m81_woodland_(camo) patricia_mitchell sleeves_rolled_up solo strike_witches_1991 sunglasses tail uniform world_witches_series
1girl animal_ears bad_id bad_pixiv_id blue_eyes blush boots bottomless brown_hair camouflage cat_ears cat_tail choco-chip_(camouflage) dakku_(ogitsune) emblem error full_body kneehighs loafers long_sleeves military military_jacket military_uniform nicole_bradshaw salute shoes short_hair solo standing strike_witches_1991 striped_tail tail uniform us_air_force world_witches_series younger
nicole bradshaw (strike witches 1991, us air force, and world witches series) drawn by dakku (ogitsune)
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