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agito, fate testarossa, miura rinaldi, nove, reinforce zwei, and others (lyrical nanoha, mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha strikers, and mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha vivid) drawn by fujima takuya
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    Nanoha seems a bit too into this...

    Akira Nikaido

    who's the girl fighting vivio???


    One of the contestants from the upcoming tournament arc. She made a brief appearance in one of the last few chapters, apparently she's been studying one manner of combat art or another under Zafira and the rest of the Wolkenritter.


    Akira_Nikaido said:
    who's the girl fighting vivio???

    The girl's name is Miura Rinaldi


    wait, Vivio is fighting and Einhart isn't around? How could this happen?


    In Nanoha's world... ANYTHING can happen~!! :DD


    I sense a possible dimensional collapse in the near future.

    Not that this is anything unusual in the Nanoha Universe.

    In fact, that's probably next Tuesday for them.


    I wouldn't mind another dimensional collapse if Nanoha and Fate would do a sparring match TO THE DEATH! About time for it to happen again... [waits eagerly for the match (of doom)]


    Hope the "Worfenritter" don't reach to Miura too soon xDU