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    1. Collected mushroom and handed it to Marisa (profit: 100 yen)

    2. Delivered fabrics to Alice' house (profit: 300 yen)

    3. Washed an unknown laundry in Kourindou (profit: 500 yen)

    4. Checked to see whether the SDM's gatekeeper is properly doing her job. Did some punishment if she fell asleep in her duty. (profit: 2500 yen)

    5. Furtively left some manjuu near Reimu. (profit: -500 yen)

    6. Reimu accidentally locked me up inside the donation box. (profit: 0 yen)

    7. Delivered teas to Remilia. (profit: 10,000 yen)

    8. kuawsedrftgyhujikolp (wtf lol)

    9. Performed a concert together with Noukarin. (profit: Charity)

    10. Delivered cream-filled pasta to Hakugyokuro. (profit: 3 Lottery Tickets)

    Lottery result:
    1st try: 300 yen
    2nd try: 3000 yen
    3rd try: 30000 yen
    Total: 33300 yen!

    11. Secretly delivered a book about alchemy to the library. (profit: 100 yen)

    12. Returned the books that were brought out without permission from the library. (books that were stolen by Marisa) (profit: 3500 yen)

    13. Helped carry a baggage by an old man I've recently acquainted. (profit: 30 yen)

    14. I should have gathered a nice sum of money now. Reimu will be delighted by this. Let's take a quick stroll for a break!


    15. Handed raw materials to Eirin for some experiment. (profit: 15,000 yen)

    16. Placed a miniature camera inside Marisa's house. (profit: 30,000 yen)
    (Alice watching in front of the screen)
    (Marisa: I feel someone's watching me -ze...)
    ...I loled about that xD

    17. Created a Chen video to popularize her more. (profit: 50,000 yen)

    18. I think it's about time to stop. No, I think I'll go for a bit more.

    19. I'm getting dizzy. Just a little more.

    20. Delivered beer to ZUN. (profit: 20,000 yen)

    21. Teruyo (Kaguya) made me do some job. (profit: 100,000 yen)

    22. Obtained a live pad. (profit: 150,000 yen)

    22. Became a guinea pig in Eirin's experiment. (profit: 250,000 yen)

    23. Played with Flan (profit: 500,000 yen)
    (Wait! You get paid just for playing with Flan!? I'll take that job too!!)


    I now know why she's bandaged up.... playing with Flan is very dangerous for most folks, let alone a Yukkuri.... I salute your efforts Yukkuri-reimu, you really are Reimu's best friend! But I laugh at the Rugal reference.


    Dialogs between diary typing scenes:

    Yukkuri: Yu-yu-yu~Famous person(yumeijin)
    Reimu: No donations for today either...I wonder if God really exists.
    Reimu: If they really exist, listen to people's wish then. Please fill this donations box with money, just for this time...(cry)


    Reimu: The donations for today is also....! YAHOOOOOOO!
    Yukkuri: Congratulations, Reimu!

    Ragna Darkness

    13. Helped carry a baggage by an old man I've recently acquainted. (profit: 30 yen)
    Wait she helped Rugal?!


    does someone know, where the music is from? i think i've heard it somewhere already...


    It's from a Jerry Lewis movie, Who's Minding the Store, I think. The Typewriter Song.


    ...aww. <3 Yukkuri is so helpful. <3


    haha~ if you pause it, it will have a little subnote of what the yukkuri says.


    this yukkuri in particular reminds me of in-training digimon, when they're just little heads that shoot bubbles.


    Hot damn, I wish my hair could type that fast.


    I love how the Mysty-sparrow figure turns it's head towards us, whenever there's a "ka-ching!"


    Rest in peace Mr Lewis