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black rock shooter, strength, yotsuba, balalaika, priscilla the crossbreed, and etc (watashi ga motenai no wa dou kangaetemo omaera ga warui! and etc) drawn by sunimu
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    whats up with Jigen being in there


    Holy fuck he actually got this colored, the man is a MACHINE and a credit to drawlurkers.


    W-wait! Is that? Priscilla? o.o? Oh... I don't know.


    So... is there any sort of common theme here, or did this guy just start drawing all the characters from every show/game he ever liked, and only barely managed to stop?

    ... There isn't even an "all female" or "all anime" connection, as there's JC Denton sitting there in the background.


    Is that Kanzai (the angel?) from Index series near the Lupin III guy (Jigen) ?


    From what I gather, the original was just the girls in the middle table. After that, I think he started adding all the characters that people generally request from the drawfag threads. So, no. You're not likely to find any theme here other than the tastes of those who frequent those threads.

    Also, Clover's face is the best part of this image.


    What's wrong with my main man Jigen?


    Is that a pair of characters from /tg/ above Vita?

    NWF Renim

    Can't say I'm familiar with his personality, but I imagine having 3 girls staring at him has something to do with... or most likely simply being rather uncomfortable sitting next to a girl with a large phallic crotch spike.


    tatteredking said:
    Is that a pair of characters from /tg/ above Vita?

    No, you're right. That's Ribbon and Rage, from Redlife's comic strip.


    Character near Kirino looks like Itou Nobue.


    Neiri said:
    Character near Kirino looks like Itou Nobue.

    Yeap... I think the same. But I don't know how add a note.

    yume no hikari

    Who's the unlabeled one between Aldora and Jigen?


    yume_no_hikari said:
    Who's the unlabeled one between Aldora and Jigen?

    I think that's Akua Shuzen from Rosario+Vampire


    Id' say the guy on the right corner is Aono Tsukune from Rosario+Vampire.


    KizuroShirosaki said:

    I see Dark Souls tag where is it??

    Priscilla, in the bottom part (almost in the middle but going more on the left).


    Looking at this today, this could be titled "Pantheon of forgotten Anime", though most of them hold a special place in my heart. Not JC Denton though, he was a good man...