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5girls akemi_homura bikini bikini_top black_hair blue_hair blush boots bow bow_bra bow_panties bra cape dildo drill_hair empty_eyes hair_ribbon hands imminent_rape kaname_madoka kawamura_tenmei kneeling kyubey lingerie long_hair magical_girl mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica miki_sayaka miniskirt multiple_girls name_tag no_shoes nose_blush object_on_head one-piece_swimsuit panties panties_on_head pink_bra pink_hair pink_panties pleated_skirt purple_bra ribbon sakura_kyouko school_swimsuit school_uniform short_hair short_twintails silhouette skirt skirt_removed socks striped striped_panties swimsuit sword tears tentacles thighhighs tomoe_mami translated twin_drills twintails unconscious underwear undressing weapon witch_(madoka_magica) zettai_ryouiki
1girl akemi_homura black_hair bow bow_panties crying crying_with_eyes_open error head_bump i'm_such_a_fool kawamura_tenmei long_hair looking_at_viewer mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica object_on_head panties panties_on_head parody pink_panties slap_mark solo tears translated underwear
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akemi homura, kaname madoka, kyubey, miki sayaka, sakura kyouko, and others (mahou shoujo madoka magica) drawn by kawamura tenmei
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    By the way, I think the untranslated speech bubble says something about it using her pervertedness against her - it may not be her witch form (besides that, wouldn't she become the witch rather than remaining a separate (albeit dead) entity from it?)


    Teclo said:
    (besides that, wouldn't she become the witch rather than remaining a separate (albeit dead) entity from it?)

    That's not how MSMM witches work. A magical girl's body is an empty shell, and the witch leaves it behind in the transformation.