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Collection: Madoka - Perverted Homura

Images that further add to the legend of Akemi Homura the master pervert: molesting, peeping, panty-stealing, stalking, etc; with Kaname Madoka nearly always being the victim.

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1girl adjusting_hair akemi_homura black_eyes black_hair blush bow bow_panties bra hair_flip lingerie long_hair mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica naughty_face object_on_head panties panties_on_head solo striped striped_panties ukami underwear
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2girls akemi_homura ass bad_id bad_pixiv_id bathroom black_hair blush breasts curtains from_behind hairband hino_(gonta523) kaname_madoka long_hair mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica mitakihara_school_uniform multiple_girls nude pink_hair school_uniform short_hair small_breasts translated yuri
1girl absurdres akemi_homura antenna_(draconian) bakemonogatari black_hair black_legwear bow bow_panties hairband highres long_hair mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica monogatari_(series) multiple_panties panties panties_removed pantyhose parody polka_dot polka_dot_panties puffy_sleeves purple_eyes saitou_chiwa school_uniform seiyuu_connection senjougahara_hitagi senjougahara_pose skirt skirt_lift solo striped striped_panties underwear very_long_hair
2girls akemi_homura black_hair check_translation chopsticks classroom forniphilia human_chair human_furniture kaname_madoka long_hair magical_girl mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica mitakihara_school_uniform multiple_girls o_o obentou pantyhose pink_hair school_uniform seiza short_hair sitting sitting_on_face sitting_on_person sweatdrop thighhighs translation_request tugeneko twintails
3girls :t akemi_homura black_hair blue_hair bow cup drinking_straw feeding food food_on_face french_fries hair_ribbon hairband hamburger hand_under_clothes kaname_madoka kyubey long_hair mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica mcdonald's miki_sayaka mitakihara_school_uniform molestation mouth_hold multiple_girls navel o_o pink_hair ribbon school_uniform short_hair spill tray tugeneko twintails when_you_see_it yuri
2girls akemi_homura bathroom black_hair black_legwear blush_stickers chewing clothes_theft hair_down hairband hand_on_hip holding holding_panties kaname_madoka long_hair magical_girl mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica multiple_girls nude o_o panties panties_removed pantyhose pink_hair pink_panties pinky_out short_hair skirt socks sweatdrop theft translated tugeneko underwear underwear_theft
2girls akemi_homura bathroom bathtub black_hair drinking kaname_madoka long_hair magical_girl mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica multiple_girls o_o pantyhose pink_hair short_hair sweatdrop translated tugeneko water
... 2girls 3koma akemi_homura anger_vein black_hair blue_panties blush bow comic drooling fujii_satoshi hair_bow hairband heart long_hair mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica mitakihara_school_uniform multiple_girls nose_blush panties pink_panties ponytail purple_eyes red_eyes red_hair sakura_kyouko school_uniform spoken_ellipsis sweat threat translated trembling underwear yuri
2girls akemi_homura black_legwear blush bow bow_panties bubble_skirt capelet closed_eyes fishing_rod gloves hair_bow hairband holding holding_fishing_rod kaname_madoka kneehighs kyubey lace lace-trimmed_panties long_hair madoka_runes magical_girl mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica multiple_girls panties pantyhose pink_eyes pink_hair pink_panties polka_dot polka_dot_panties puffy_sleeves short_twintails skirt surprised tareme twintails underwear upskirt white_legwear wide-eyed yukian yuri
2girls :< :o akemi_homura aura black_hair black_hairband blue_eyes blush face flat_chest hairband kaname_madoka kuase mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica mitakihara_school_uniform multiple_girls nude pink_hair purple_eyes school_uniform short_hair tears thought_bubble translated yuri
4girls akemi_homura black_hair blue_hair blurry commentary_request depth_of_field green_hair hairband head_out_of_frame highres holding_hands interlocked_fingers kaname_madoka mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica matsukawa_(pale_scarlet) miki_sayaka mitakihara_school_uniform molestation multiple_girls one_eye_closed pink_eyes pink_hair purple_eyes school_uniform shizuki_hitomi short_hair twintails yuri
2girls akemi_homura bad_id bad_pixiv_id caught character_doll chibi cometch desk doll hair_ribbon hairband jitome kaname_madoka long_hair mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica mitakihara_school_uniform multiple_girls nude pink_hair purple_eyes ribbon saliva saliva_trail school_uniform short_hair
2girls :3 >_< ? akemi_homura black_hair blush braid chibi chobipero closed_eyes comic eyewear_removed glasses gloves hairband heart_cutout highres homu kaname_madoka kyubey long_hair looking_back magical_girl mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica multiple_girls opaque_glasses pink_eyes pink_hair purple_eyes red-framed_eyewear school_uniform short_hair short_twintails spoilers sweatdrop translated twintails white_gloves yuri
2girls akemi_homura black_hair black_legwear blood gloves hairband kaname_madoka koharu_nosuke long_hair mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica multiple_girls nosebleed one_knee panties panty_pull pantyhose pink_hair short_hair simple_background sketch standing twintails underwear yuri
2girls akemi_homura black_hair blindfold blush breasts building chair choker from_behind gloves highres implied_cunnilingus kaname_madoka kazakura kneehighs long_hair magical_girl mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica multiple_girls open_mouth pantyhose pink_hair puffy_sleeves sitting small_breasts spread_legs twintails very_long_hair white_gloves white_legwear yuri
5girls akemi_homura alternate_costume babydoll bare_shoulders black_hair blonde_hair blood blush boned_meat bow_(bhp) cellphone closed_eyes connect_(madoka_magica) detached_sleeves drill_hair dullahan eating embarrassed eyes food garter_belt headless kaname_madoka kyubey letterboxed lingerie long_hair mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica mami_mogu_mogu meat miki_sayaka multiple_girls nosebleed open_mouth panties parody phone pink_hair ponytail red_hair sakura_kyouko severed_head short_hair spoilers tomoe_mami twin_drills twintails underwear
3girls akemi_homura anger_vein aru-sci bad_id bad_pixiv_id battle beret black_hair blonde_hair blush bouncing_breasts breasts closed_eyes corset drill_hair drooling dual_wielding embarrassed explosive face female_pervert firing flying_sweatdrops grenade gun gunkata handgun hat heart heart-shaped_pupils kaname_madoka large_breasts long_hair magical_girl magical_musket mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica motion_blur motion_lines multiple_girls night panties pervert pink_eyes pink_hair pipe_bomb puffy_sleeves purple_eyes rifle running saliva school_uniform shield short_hair sweat symbol-shaped_pupils thighhighs tomoe_mami twin_drills twintails underwear weapon yuri zettai_ryouiki
1girl akemi_homura bed_sheet black_eyes black_hair blush breasts breath clothes_sniffing hairband heart implied_yuri jpeg_artifacts long_hair lying mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica masturbation namonashi nipples nude on_back out-of-frame_censoring panties small_breasts smelling solo spoken_heart tears translated trembling underwear underwear_sniffing upper_body
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