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What is this:

DanbooruUp is a Browser extension originally written by Buffered for use with sites running Danbooru. This thread has links to a version updated for Firefox 3+, Opera and Chrome.

For Firefox and Chrome, it adds the choice of uploading to Danbooru to the context menu you get when you right click an image, and presents an upload dialogue with tag completion.

It also adds tag completion to various fields on the website.

The latest version is 0.5.1.


Open the extension file with Firefox.


For Opera 11 or greater, download and install the Opera extension. (Also available from the Opera extensions catalog)

The next time you load a Danbooru page an update should start. Wait for the '◊' to turn blue, answering 'Allow' when prompted for more space.


Download the Chrome extension, drag the file to the Extensions tab, and confirm the prompts. (Or download it from the Chrome Web Store)

This will also add an "Upload to Danbooru" option when right clicking an image.

Keys for the autocompleter popup:
  • Enter or click completes the tag,
  • Ctrl+Enter or Ctrl+click completes the tag without closing the search popup,
  • Insert or Ctrl+E gets related tags for the currently selected tag,
  • Escape closes the search box.
  • In the Firefox upload dialog, right click opens a tag search,

You can use * as a search wildcard.


The source code is available on Github

Updated by ilpalazzo-sama

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  • Shuugo


    Let's see:

    Seems like completely broken in OSX. It doesn't display the component error on boot as before but, it idles indefinitely when you enable at autocomplete and press Update now.

    I tried a couple danbooru apis and none of them will update.

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  • zatchii

    Shuugo said:

    Yeah, I don't have an OS X box, so that's completely untested...
    Could you check if there's anything interesting in the Error console (Tools -> Error Console), either after startup, or when pressing Update Now?

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  • jxh2154

    Oh my god... IT WORKS!

    You are my new favorite person.

    Edit: Used it a few times already, and I've run into exactly zero problems. The integrated autocomplete for the site is a great addition too. It lets me use autocomplete without losing the ability to submit tag changes with Enter. Fantastic!

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  • Shinjidude

    Nice! It's been so long since I used it, I forgot how convenient it made things. A year ago or so when it actually worked with an updated version of Firefox, I had used it all the time.

    Moreover it's also compatible with the built-in related tag functions which the old version *wasn't*, which I thought was its biggest drawback. Great job!

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  • Apollyon

    Excellent work, zatchii! No problems on my end to report.

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  • zatchii

    Ah, thanks, that's great. Then I won't have to get VMware running.

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  • Quess

    Ah, finally! It works great, zatchii. Thanks.

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  • Apollyon

    Something to note. If you get an "Access Denied. (Are you logged in properly?)" message when attempting to upload something, you'll have to set Firefox to allow third party cookies.

    You can enable this option by going into Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Cookies and checking "Accept third-party cookies". Uploading should work fine after that.


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  • Tolone

    Jesus christ this is convenient thank you sir. No longer do I have to keep editing tags because I can't spell and never bother to check for typos.

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  • Fred1515

    Idea for enhancement: adding the cheat sheet queries to the autocomplete list (http://danbooru.donmai.us/help/cheatsheet)

    I don't know how others browse Danbooru, but I frequently use stuff like rating:, user:, order:, status:, etch. I imagine many others might use these too.

    It obviously wouln't be of much use for stuff like id:, width:, height: and so on, since one has to choose specific numbers that cannot be autocompleted, but it could be quite convenient for stuff like status:, user:, order:, rating:, etch.

    Anyways, thank you for your excellent work!

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  • Log

    Do you really need autocomplete to type rating:s rating:q rating:e?

    order: status: can be done easily but sub: fav: I wouldn't bet on if it can't query the userlist in a simple fashion. The rest are essentially worthless in autocomplete.

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  • Fred1515

    Log said:
    Do you really need autocomplete to type rating:s rating:q rating:e?

    order: status: can be done easily but sub: fav: I wouldn't bet on if it can't query the userlist in a simple fashion. The rest are essentially worthless in autocomplete.

    Well, maybe you're right about the rating: being unnecessary, and most of them are indeed worthless in autocomplete, but user:, fav:, sub:, and especially order: and status: would be convenient.

    Maybe it seems worse to me because before DanbooruUp Firefox would autocomplete these when I searched, so I dunno, maybe it was a stupid idea.

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  • dotKuro

    For absolutely no reason, it told me that I'd exceeded my daily upload rate. I have not uploaded anything in the entire history of this account; indeed, I registered it today. Is this a known bug?

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  • Suiseiseki

    There's a waiting period for uploading on new accounts.

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  • Bapabooiee

    Ah, now if only those of us using Google Chrome could have an answer or equiavalent to this addon.

    Though, Chrome does support Extensions now, so that's not too far-off of an idea.

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  • jxh2154

    Note: I stickied this because I've been linking it to people and having to search for it every time is a pain.

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