Tag Alias: connor_(ratohnhaké:ton) -> Connor

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Because the tag Connor is currently not in use, and because remembering and typing out is ratohnhaké:ton is very difficult.

At the very least, make it Connor (Assassin's Creed) please.

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At the very least, the accent is against our tag naming policy, so that much should change. Connor is a common enough western name, so it should remain qualified.

Using the franchise title makes more sense than an in-universe name as a qualifier, so I'll move this to Connor (Assassin's Creed). For three posts in a Western franchise, I'm not sure an alias is really warranted.

So these, then? Haven't done anything yet:
create alias connor_kenway -> ratonhnhaketon
create alias connor_kenway -> ratonhnhaketon
create alias connor_(ratohnhaké:ton) -> ratonhnhaketon
create alias connor_(ratohnhake:ton) -> ratonhnhaketon

Or with the :ton instead of ton?

TO Connor, his "true name" is used like 5 times throughout the whole game by two people, his mother and one of the other natives. Connor is used dozens of times minimum. It's ridiculous to alais to ratakhdfkljgadlnvklajkn