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Between partially_translated and translation_request? Because it seems that tagging a post with partially_translated will automatically add translation_request to it.

The reason I ask is because auto-tagging images compared to the images' other tags seems like a really useful feature. I can imagine it like this:

Tagging something as samus_aran always tags it as metroid as well, and anything tagged with metroid is also tagged with nintendo. We could tie hatsune_miku with vocaloid, for example, or have it so that tagging an image with any anime character will automatically tag it under that anime as well. We could have large_breasts or huge_breasts or any other breast tag (breast_press, symmetrical_docking, etc.) automatically add breasts. Basically, it would allow us to tie characters and such to their respective properties, link mutually-dependent tags to their so-called "parents," and so on.

I know it seems like a lazy way to do things, but I can't mention how many times I see something tagged a certain way yet all the other tags that would logically follow it simply don't. I edit pics when I see 'em, but I think it would save everyone a lot of time and effort as well as improve the filing system if we knew how to "parent" tags like that. Make things a lot more comprehensive, especially considering tag search limits (let alone said limits for basic members.)

EDIT: Oh, wait, isn't it called "implications?" Maybe because I don't know how to see behind these scenes, but how widely are implications used? It seems like we could add a lot more of them.

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Implications add certain tags when another is added. Implications will never be done for characters or series because if the tag needs to be moved the implications all break and the sheer amount of implications required even for a single series with a large character roster such as Touhou.

Well, in terms of characters and series, how often are tags moved as such? I don't think it's that large of an occurrence. Although, does that mean that moving an implied tag will leave all images tagged with the old tag as well?

It's happened for at least 300 characters if not far far more. If a series tag is moved every single implication would need to be deleted and resubmitted with the new name. If a character is moved without an alias the implication will simply stop working until someone notices and asks for a fix.

How would you even implicate something like Nasuverse characters where different outfits indicate different series?

There are approximately 46000 characters currently on danbooru. The very minimal amount of effort it saves submitting implications as opposed to clicking the "similar tags" button and just clicking the series tag is seriously not worth the effort.

I suppose. I would've assumed that when a tag is moved, the software would have updated all the implications and aliases. And I thought that, well, I dunno, Nasuverse characters would've just been all tagged to Nasuverse, even if we couldn't do individual series (although bear in mind I'm completely unfamiliar with Nasuverse, so I'm not the best judge of that.)

On another note, would it be a good idea to implement into the software a one-time update of all implications and aliases of a tag when it's moved? I mean, that would save a lot of the theoretical trouble, even if character and property implications aren't implemented... Although I still think they should if that were the case.