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おっぱい 極上の乳 大艦巨乳主義 オッパイ 美乳 おっぱいがいっぱい 乳神様 天乳 boobs 胸がぱんぱかぱーん 九九艦爆乳 ダイヤモンドバスト このおっぱいで聖女は無理でしょ いいおっぱいの日

For Danbooru purposes, this tag refers to images where the breasts are noticeable, i.e. you should not use this tag to describe a flat-chested girl.

If unsure of the breast size, this tag can be used by itself as a catch-all tag, i.e. without the size modifier.

Note: It should be noted that exposed breasts alone usually don't warrant an "explicit" rating.

Breast sizes

Breast shapes


Supporting / Holding / Grabbing

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The following tags are aliased to this tag: boobs, breats, tits, breast, /b, oppai (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: large_breasts, cum_on_breasts, breasts_outside, breast_rest, bursting_breasts, backboob, unaligned_breasts, floating_breasts, huge_breasts, breast_squeeze, cleavage, hanging_breasts, sideboob, underboob, bouncing_breasts, gigantic_breasts, perky_breasts, sagging_breasts, breasts_apart, mole_on_breast, oppai_loli, medium_breasts, small_breasts, breast_hold, between_breasts, veiny_breasts (learn more).