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  • Added zerochan upload support.
  • Posts: remove "save this video" links beneath posts.
  • Posts: remove order:curated search.
  • Twitter: support uploading mixed media tweets.
  • Uploads: fix error when uploading URLs containing spaces.
  • Skeb: fix some pages failing to upload.
  • Fixed Javascript errors on older browsers (iOS <14, Pale Moon) that prevented things like voting on comments.

Full changelog: https://github.com/danbooru/danbooru/compare/production-2022.12.30-032646-utc...production-2023.01.16-145619-utc



DText changes:

  • Links like https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1234 are now automatically fixed to post #1234.
  • Added [hr] tag (horizontal line).
  • Allow tag search links (e.g. {{ganyu_(genshin_impact)}}) to use the same syntax as wiki links (e.g. {{ganyu_(genshin_impact)|Ganyu}} -> Ganyu).
  • Added ability to left-, right-, or center-align tables: [table align=left]. The align attribute can also be used with [tr] and [td] tags.
  • Added ability to link to subsections of wiki pages: [[Touhou#Games]] -> Touhou.
  • Added code fence syntax:
puts "Hello, world"

Other changes:

  • Uploads: disallow uploading videos with exotic audio codecs. Only videos with AAC, Opus, Vorbis, or MP3 audio are allowed.

Full changelog: https://github.com/danbooru/danbooru/compare/production-2023.01.16-145619-utc...production-2023.02.12-025418-utc




Redesigned the upload page:

  • On desktop, the image is on the left and the edit panel is on the right.
  • On phone or tablet, the edit panel defaults to the bottom. You can rotate your device to switch the edit panel between the right and the bottom.
  • You can drag the line to resize the edit panel.
  • You can click the "..." menu in the top right to move the edit panel to the left or the bottom.
  • The rating has a help icon. Clicking it will show a summary of the rating rules.
  • The source and commentary fields are behind the Source tab.
  • The similar images and the parent ID field are behind the Similar tab. A number will be shown next to the tab if there are any high similarity matches.
  • A warning will be shown beneath the image if it's a duplicate, it has a bad source, or it's AI-generated.
  • The upload rules are behind the Help tab. A warning icon will be shown if the rules have changed since you last uploaded.
  • The blob emotes have been removed from the tag counter. :FeelsBlobMan:

Redesigned related tags:

  • The "Related" / "Translated" / "Recent" / "Frequent" sections are now collapsible.
  • Removed the "Related tags" / "General" / "Artists" / "Characters" / "Copyrights" buttons beneath the tag box. Instead you click a tag, open the "Related" section, then use the category tabs to filter by category there.
  • Moved the wiki tags to the "Wiki" tab under the "Related" section.
  • Removed the "list_of_*" wiki tags.
  • Adjusted to recommend better tags by default (more general tags, less copyright/character tags, no artist/meta tags).

Other changes:

  • The shift+E tag edit box now opens in the top right of the screen.
  • Post tooltips now show flag, appeal, disapproval reasons.
  • Modqueue: show warnings about bad tags beneath the image.
  • DText: added [br] tag.
  • DText: fixed bug with ``` code blocks inside quote tags.

Full changelog: https://github.com/danbooru/danbooru/compare/production-2023.02.23-061851-utc...production-2023.03.13-073734-utc


  • Uploads: added upload support for ArtStreet (https://medibang.com).
  • Uploads: added warning when uploading a pixel-perfect duplicate.
  • Uploads: added option to sort your uploads in random order.
  • Uploads: allow you to see the upload form even when you're out of upload slots. You can use this to pretag your uploads.
  • Uploads: show tag counts next to related tags.
  • Uploads: cache related tags to make them feel faster.
  • Related tags: add more options to Related Tags page. Show similarity values and add multiple sort options.
  • Forum: changed style of BUR votes.
  • Fixed issue with certain wiki pages timing out. This happened when a tag was large but had few recent posts.
  • Improved performance of random:200 searches.
  • Uploads: fixed certain Lofter uploads not working.
  • Uploads: fixed certain Nico Seiga manga uploads not working.
  • Uploads: fixed certain Imgur links not working (e.g. https://imgur.com/TWGnhx6.png).
  • Uploads: fixed ctrl+enter shortcut not working when the rating was focused.
API changes
  • Changed /related_tag.json response format.

Full changelog: https://github.com/danbooru/danbooru/compare/production-2023.03.13-073734-utc...production-2023.03.31-174659-utc


  • Uploads: added upload support for Gumroad.com. Only free preview images and free blog posts are supported, not paid rewards.
  • Users: removed reactions from user profiles.
  • Uploads: fixed bug where the "Rating not selected" message didn't go away after you added the rating and posted the upload.
  • Uploads: fixed bug where the artist tag would get added twice if you forgot the rating.
  • Uploads: fixed bug where metatags would get stripped if you forgot the rating.
  • Comments: fixed exploit that allowed users to view the content of deleted comments.
  • AI tags: fixed not being able to undo adding a rating on the AI tags page.

Full changelog: https://github.com/danbooru/danbooru/compare/production-2023.03.31-174659-utc...production-2023.04.05-182524-utc


  • Newgrounds: fix bug with fetching artist for videos made by multiple artists.
  • Twitter: fix bug with fetching tweets from follower-only accounts.
  • Art Station: fix bug with commentaries containing HTML-escaped characters not being unescaped.
  • Uploads: fix bug with uploading videos containing non-UTF-8 characters in the video metadata.
  • Uploads: fix bug with uploading certain animated GIFs that were potentially corrupted.
API Changes
  • /posts.json: Added media_asset field. This field contains information about the image or video file, including URLs for each thumbnail variant. The md5, image_width, image_height, file_size, file_ext, preview_file_url, large_file_url, file_url, and has_large fields are deprecated in favor of the new fields under media_asset. These fields aren't planned to be removed any time soon, but API users should prefer using the new fields under media_asset anyway.
  • /posts.json: The preview_file_url field now returns 180x180 size thumbnails instead of 150x150 size thumbnails. The old https://cdn.donmai.us/preview/34/7e/347eed75f4918bb292365c77fe458144.jpg style URLs are deprecated and will redirect to /180x180/ thumbnails soon.

Full changelog: https://github.com/danbooru/danbooru/compare/production-2023.04.08-211625-utc...production-2023.04.16-232826-utc

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