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Topic: Twin Drills & Twin Braids vs Twintails

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Twin Drills

topic #7929 discusses twin drills and twintails, and the conclusion there was that they could be one and the same, however, doing a search using (twin_drills -twintails) shows that some posts do not tag some twin drills as twintails (e.g. post #2118025, compare post #2186490).

I've updated the twin drills wiki to illustrate the distinction as outlined in topic #7929.

Twin Braids

topic #2986 discusses twin braids and twintails, and the conclusion there was that they are not one and the same, however, doing a search using (twin_braids twintails) shows that some posts tag some twin braids as twintails (e.g. post #2120330, compare post #2222454).

For a similar set of examples of twin braids and twintails as illustrated in topic #7929:

Twin Braids are Twintails: post #743124
Twin Braids aren't Twintails: post #1892901
Twin Braids & Twintails: post #2173829


I'm more for the using the distinction as outlined for twin drills to be used for twin braids as well. People could still search for straight and only straight twintails by subtracting braid and drill hair in the search query.

I believe this distinction should be standardized though, one way or the other, and so want to hear what others have to say on this.

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  • NWF Renim

    In terms of usage I've been following the twin drill approach for twin braids, and had assumed that was the standard as this point (previous discussion listed there is quite old). General usage from what I had seen seemed to be following the approach that braided twintails is still twintails, and that twintails need not be straight hair alone.

    I think it may also be worthwhile creating at least two hybrid tags, something like (can word the names differently from these) braided twintails and drill twintails, to allow for better sorting. Such tags would aid in splitting these tags between twin braid/drill sidelocks and braided/drill twintails. Furthermore it also allows for straight twintail searching without depending on the higher loss from plain twintails -twin_drills twin_braids searches due to sidelock braids and drills. Of course the new tags would implicate twintails and twin_braids or twin_drills.

    Tangential: "Twin Braids & Twintails: post #2173829" doesn't really work. Sidelocks can be twin drills and twin braids, but they can't be pure plain twintails. A tail for the most part can't start completely before the ears, and so sidelocks do not count toward their number.

    There are three main scenarios for twin braids and straight "two tails" to coexist on the same wearer, but only one of the scenarios is really straight twintails and twin braids.

    • post post #2173829 which is braided twintails and long sidelocks, and as as stated above the sidelocks do not count toward tail hairstyles, so it's not twin braids & twintails.
    • post #2035781 which is 2 straight twintails and 2 braided twintail, but the catch is by having both that's actually 4 tails total, not two. So twintails shouldn't be tagged, as the hair is parted 4 ways. The only way this should be twintails is if twintails was defined as a twin set of two straight tails.
    • post #1548416 which is twin braided sidelocks and twintails. The sidelocks can be counted as twin braids and sidelocks do not count towards the number of tails, so this is both straight twintail and twin braids coexisting on the same person.
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  • BrokenEagle98

    I'll go ahead and update the Wiki's according to NWF_Renim's recommendation for now.

    Updated by BrokenEagle98

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