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座る 座り

The butt resting on a surface (often a piece of furniture for the purpose, such as a chair, couch, or bench), possibly in addition to the legs or feet. For a position with the knees on the floor, use kneeling (except with seiza below).

Specific types of sitting
  • butterfly sitting: Rump on floor, knees splayed, soles of feet joined together
  • seiza: Rump on legs, both legs below body.
  • wariza: Rump on floor, legs bent back on either side.
  • yokozuwari: Rump on floor, legs both to the same side.
  • Rump on floor or on seat, legs crossed in front:
    • crossed legs: one leg relatively straight, and the other crossing at the calf or thigh.
    • indian style: legs crossed at the ankles like a pretzel.
      • lotus position: similar to indian style, each foot is placed on top of the opposite thigh with its sole facing upward and heel close to the abdomen.

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