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Psycho-Pass (サイコパス") is a 2012 anime produced by Production I.G. and written by Urobuchi Gen.

In the 22nd Century Japan, a powerful computer system called the Sibyl System guides people's lives and has eliminated virtually all crime and threat of violence by means of "Psycho-Pass" measures which reveals a person's criminal tendencies. Such a person with a high criminal tendency will be sentenced by Sibyl and apprehended, with lethal force if necessary. This is handled by the small police force under the Ministry of Health and Welfare, comprised of two groups: Enforcers (people with high crime coefficients who are deemed unable to recover) and Inspectors (normal citizens designated by Sibyl to oversee the Enforcers).
Tsunemori Akane is the young and idealistic female main character of the series, who is newly appointed as an Inspector under Nobuchika Ginoza and his team of Enforcers Kougami Shinya, Kagari Shuusei, Kunizuka Yayoi and Masaoka Tomomi. While working on various cases, the team stumbles on an out of the ordinary incident and find a trail that leads them into a deeply buried conspiracy.


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