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Pokemon (ポケットモンスター, Pocket Monsters) is a highly popular RPG series developed by Tajiri Satoshi, with art by Sugimori Ken, for Nintendo handheld video game devices since 1996, and has since spawned several spinoff games, manga, and an anime series.

In the main games, the player character goes on a journey through various cities, towns and landscape (caves, forests, sea, etc.) and meets creatures known as Pokémon. The player is able to collect Pokémon to form a personalized team, train them to make them stronger, choose their known skills and command them to fight against other Pokémon. People who do that are Pokémon Trainers. Many NPCs are Pokémon Trainers available to fight against the player.

The storyline advances as the player gains eight badges for defeating different Gym Leaders and eventually challenges the Elite Four and the current Champion; defeating them all grants the player the title of Champion for himself/herself. Typical side quests, such as finding a specific item or person, are also required at certain points. Additionally, the player repeatedly fights against his or her personal rivals and routinely clashes with a criminal organization.

Tagging human characters
  • 1. Human characters should be referred to by their Japanese names, in compliance with Danbooru standards, despite having English names on exported versions. (the English names are sometimes available as aliases, though)
  • 2. The tags should be suffixed *_(pokemon). (because most are either common names, without surnames, like "Takeshi", or descriptive trainer classes like "Swimmer", that more often than not are ambiguous)
  • 3. Exceptionally, full names do not have the (pokemon) qualifier.

See List of Pokemon characters for all names.

Tagging Pokémon

The Pokémon themselves are referred to by their English names. Owing to their sheer number (807 registered species, as of the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Versions), remembering their English names is no easy task, much less their Japanese names, which also cover many highly-ambiguous words that can and will conflict with other characters and artists.

Examples: Pikachu, Gastly, Kyogre, Chikorita

Japanese names, however, are applicable to newer Pokémon as temporary tags, when necessary, until their English names become officially available.

Exceptionally, only Kabuto_(pokemon), Golem_(pokemon) and Deino_(pokemon) get a (pokemon) qualifier, since the tags kabuto, golem and deino are ambiguous tags.

Some miscellaneous tags about Pokémon species, such as shiny_pokemon and clothed_pokemon, are also available.

See List of Pokémon for all names.

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