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Pantyhose are a type of hosiery made of a sheer material that covers from the waist to the toes. These are distinct from thighhighs which only cover the legs, and tights which are usually made of non-sheer fabric.

For tagging purposes, this tag should be used for most skintight legwear that covers from the waist to the toes, including tights.

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The following tags are aliased to this tag: tights, panty_hose (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: legwear_under_shorts, thighband_pantyhose, panties_over_pantyhose, pantyhose_pull, panties_under_pantyhose, fishnet_pantyhose, pantyhose_around_one_leg, fundoshi_under_pantyhose, thighhighs_over_pantyhose, pantyhose_under_swimsuit (learn more).