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  • A male monarch, sovereign of a kingdom; or anyone that fulfills a leadership role of great importance. The king often wears a crown, symbolizing divine right, and bears a scepter as a symbol of power.
  • In the Ryuuko no Ken/The King of Fighters series, a female kickboxer who works as a bouncer. She has short, blond hair.
  • In the Tekken series, either of two luchadores. One founded an orphanage, while the other was an orphan who took up his steward's mantle. Both wear jaguar masks and tails. They are both friends of Armor King, a wrestler from Japan who adds a suit of armor to the jaguar theme.
  • In Doukutsu Monogatari, leader of the Mimigas and older brother to Toroko. He protects his brethren from The Doctor with a mighty Blade. He is scarred from prior confrontations with enemies.