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kirby mass attack




Initial Release

JP: August 4, 2011
NA: September 19, 2011
AU: October 27, 2011
EU: October 28, 2011


Ever wanted to control 10 Kirbies at once? No? Well, too bad! Necrodeus is having none of Kirby being alive, so he decides to split the puffball into 10 smaller ones so that he has an easier time picking them off. One manages to escape the carnage and decides to save Dream Land from this new crisis!

Also joining him are the returning Squeaks, with Daroach at the helm once more. This time, he gives hints and advice to help Kirby in his quest.

Like Kirby Canvas Curse, this game is entirely controlled with a touch screen in order to navigate all 10 of Kirby to safety. You don't have copy abilities this time around, so be careful!