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kuon (utawareru mono)

クオン クオン(うたわれるもの)

Kuon is the daughter of Hakuoro and Yuzuha as well as the Princess of Tuskur, her biological uncle and surrogate father Oboro being the Emperor (Owlo) of Tuskur.

First appearing in the epilogue of the original game as a baby, she is the heroine and deuteragonist of Itsuwari no Kamen and Futari no Hakuoro.

Due to her mother dying in childbirth and her father being missing, she was raised by her uncle and several surrogate mothers (being all of the remaining main female characters of the original).

Due to her father essentially being Witsarnemitea, she gained a portion of it's divine power, both the good (phenomenal strength and resilience) and the bad (she is in constant struggle with her evil part). From her mother's side, she also gained her "gift" (Having all primary elements in one's body typically represents itself as a wasting disease as in the case of Yuzuha. Due to her divine parentage, Kuon can make use of this gift by suppressing the other elements so one can dominate. This was only explained in Futari no Hakuoro.)

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