Read the rules before proceeding!


Blacklisting is a way for users to hide posts that contain tags they don't want to see, such as guro (extreme graphic violence), scat (feces), yaoi (sexual activity between males), and spoilers.

To edit your blacklist, navigate to My Account >> Settings. Type in the tags you don't want to see in the 'Blacklisted Tags' box. Use a new line to create multiple blacklists. If tags are placed on the same line, only posts that contain all of those tags will be hidden. For example, "nude male_focus
vomit" will hide all posts that are tagged with vomit, and all posts that are tagged with both nude and male_focus. Post that contain nude but not male_focus will still appear, and vice versa.

In addition to blacklisting based on normal tags, you can also blacklist posts by pool ID number (e.g. pool:1234), rating (e.g. rating:e), uploader (e.g. user:bob), status (e.g. status:flagged), and score (e.g. score:<0).

You can also whitelist tags within a blacklist. For example, "spoilers -touhou" will blacklist all posts with the spoilers tag, except for those that also have the touhou tag.

Wildcards are not allowed with blacklists.

When your blacklist is active, a category called "Blacklist" will appear on the top of sidebar on the left. You may click on a blacklist entry there to temporarily disable it and show the posts that match.

Default Blacklists

The following blacklist is automatically set for anonymous users and new users accounts:


Note that this only applies to user accounts created August 6th, 2015 or later. Accounts created before that had no default blacklist.