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skirt lift

たくしあげ たくし上げ

Lifting up a person's skirt, usually with the intent to show off their underwear or bare crotch/butt. Usually this is done either by the wearer of the skirt or someone nearby. It could also be caused by an inanimate object, such as a hook or other object that might catch the skirt and lift it up. It can be done voluntarily or involuntarily (by another person/object).

Use this tag when the skirt is a separate piece of clothing, not as part of a dress. If the skirt is merely being held - not in a particularly revealing fashion - use the tag skirt hold instead.

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The following tags are aliased to this tag: skirtlift, lifted_skirt, /skl, lift_skirt (learn more).

This tag implicates skirt (learn more).

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