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sirius (azur lane)


Azur Lane's personification of the Dido-class light cruiser HMS Sirius. Sirius is portrayed as a maid in the same vein as other Royal Navy light cruisers.

Sirius' physical features include short, white hair, red eyes, and a truly sizable bust accented by her maid outfit. She is extremely loyal to the Commander and will address them as "Honourable Master", but displays a barely-hidden lewd side, inquiring the Commander about any possible interest in "carnal knowledge" and offering to "service" them if the "special touch" is used, before correcting herself. Because of her physical traits and personality, she rivals Belfast in popularity among the Royal Maids.

For her White Rose skin, she switches to a low-cut white dress with a sash of white roses across, and matching high heels while sitting atop one of her turrets.


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