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  • 1girl araki_mitsuru argyle argyle_legwear bangs bdsm bed_sheet blouse blurry blush bondage bound box brown_eyes brown_hair candy checkered checkered_legwear chocolate chocolate_heart depth_of_field food gift gift_box girls_und_panzer heart heart-shaped_box highres indoors long_sleeves looking_at_viewer lying miniskirt mouth_hold nishizumi_miho on_back pantyhose pleated_skirt ribbon school_uniform short_hair skirt solo stuffed_animal stuffed_toy sweater teddy_bear valentine white_blouse
    1girl :o blush bow coat commentary_request english hair_bow happy_valentine heart holding_heart knees_together_feet_apart light_brown_hair long_hair long_scarf long_sleeves looking_at_viewer nanase_miori original pink_bow pink_scarf pink_skirt plaid plaid_skirt pleated_skirt red_eyes scarf shirt skirt snowflake_background solo thighhighs valentine white_background white_bow white_legwear white_shirt
    2019 :d andou_(girls_und_panzer) apron arm_rest baking_sheet bandana bangs bc_freedom_school_uniform black_hair blonde_hair blue_apron blue_eyes blue_neckwear blush_stickers bowl brown_eyes chocolate commentary cooking dark_skin diagonal_stripes dress_shirt drill_hair eating english frown girls_und_panzer gloves green_eyes happy_valentine highres inumoto kitchen long_hair looking_at_another marie_(girls_und_panzer) medium_hair messy_hair necktie open_mouth oshida_(girls_und_panzer) red_neckwear school_uniform shirt shouting simple_background sleeves_rolled_up smile standing striped striped_neckwear v-shaped_eyebrows valentine whipped_cream whisk white_background white_gloves white_shirt wing_collar
    1girl black_legwear blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hairband blue_shirt blush box checkered checkered_background embarrassed flower gift gift_box hairband highres holding holding_box holding_flower long_hair looking_at_viewer miniskirt original oriuo_q pantyhose pleated_skirt red_flower red_rose rose shirt skirt solo standing valentine yellow_skirt
    !? ... :3 adapted_costume bandaid bandaid_on_finger bat_wings blonde_hair blue_hair blush bouquet bow brooch closed_eyes comic commentary ear_blush fang fangs flandre_scarlet flower frills gem gift gloves hair_between_eyes hair_bow heart highres himajinsan0401 holding holding_gift holding_stuffed_animal incest jewelry long_hair looking_at_another medium_hair puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves red_bow red_eyes red_flower red_rose remilia_scarlet rose short_sleeves side_ponytail spoken_heart spoken_interrobang stuffed_animal stuffed_toy sweat sweatdrop teddy_bear thought_bubble touhou translated upper_body valentine white_day wings wrist_cuffs yuri
    3girls 4koma apron black_hat blonde_hair book bow brown_hair candy comic commentary_request diary dress food green_dress green_eyes green_hair hat heart heart_background highres key konpeitou lock matara_okina multiple_girls nishida_satono pink_dress pote_(ptkan) quill red_bow short_hair_with_long_locks sidelocks snowflake_background tate_eboshi teireida_mai touhou translated valentine waist_apron yellow_bow yuri
    1girl 3boys 3koma =_= ahoge artoria_pendragon_(all) avalon_(fate/stay_night) bow card cellphone comic commentary_request drawing_sword emiya_shirou excalibur fate/grand_order fate/stay_night fate_(series) gilgamesh holding holding_phone jacket lancer long_sleeves monochrome multiple_boys phone pointing raglan_sleeves ribbon saber shaded_face sheath short_hair translation_request tsukumo unsheathing valentine
    2girls 3koma =_= blush chocolate comic commentary_request fate/grand_order fate/stay_night fate_(series) glasses hair_ribbon holding holding_phone long_hair long_sleeves matou_sakura monochrome multiple_girls phone ribbon rider shaded_face snake spot_color sweater translation_request tsukumo valentine
    1girl angel_wings blush breasts chocolate chocolate_heart crop_top cross elbow_gloves feathered_wings gloves gradient_hair halo hand_on_own_chest heart highres ikasoke_(likerm6au) jibril_(no_game_no_life) large_breasts long_hair low_wings magic_circle midriff multicolored_hair no_game_no_life open_mouth pink_hair sideboob smile solo source_request symbol-shaped_pupils tattoo valentine very_long_hair white_wings wing_ears wings yellow_eyes
    1girl bare_shoulders black_background blonde_hair bow braid breasts chocolate circlet cleavage collar dress earrings eyebrows_visible_through_hair gambe green_bow hair_bow hand_up head_tilt heart holding jewelry large_breasts long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer mole mole_under_eye official_art parted_lips pinky_out purple_eyes sengoku_collection short_dress sitting solo sparkle string valentine white_dress wings
    1boy 1girl candy closed_eyes d: dirt doremi falling food from_side greyscale hand_up heart long_sleeves monochrome musical_note one-punch_man open_mouth pleated_skirt sailor_collar school_uniform serafuku shirt shoes short_hair simple_background skirt socks spoken_musical_note standing tatsumaki tears valentine white_background
    1girl bare_shoulders blush box chocolate closed_eyes commentary_request eating fake_ad fingernails gift gift_box hecatia_lapislazuli long_fingernails long_sleeves medium_hair nail_polish off-shoulder_sweater orb polos_crown red_hair red_nails satomachi solo sweater touhou translation_request twitter_username valentine watermark web_address
    ahoge alternate_costume blonde_hair blue_eyes blush bow bowl braid breast_squeeze breasts chocolate derauea enmaided frilled_skirt frills highres long_hair lying maid maid_bikini maid_headdress motto!_haramase!_honoo_no_oppai_isekai_ero_mahou_gakuen! nipples olga_(motto!_haramase!) on_back open_mouth pantyhose single_braid skirt sweat valentine very_long_hair
    1girl black_sailor_collar black_skirt blue_eyes box buttons character_name dated gift gift_box grey_background hachikuji hair_between_eyes hammer_and_sickle hat heart hibiki_(kantai_collection) holding holding_gift kantai_collection long_hair long_sleeves pleated_skirt sailor_collar sailor_shirt shirt silver_hair simple_background skirt solo triangle_mouth valentine verniy_(kantai_collection) white_hat white_shirt
    2girls apron blue_eyes blue_hair blush chocolate chocolate_heart commentary_request eye_contact food_in_mouth frilled_apron frills hands_together happy_valentine hat hat_ribbon heart heart_of_string highres izayoi_sakuya juliet_sleeves kirero long_sleeves looking_at_another maid_apron maid_headdress mob_cap multiple_girls pink_hat puffy_sleeves red_background red_eyes red_ribbon remilia_scarlet ribbon shared_food short_hair silver_hair simple_background sparkle touhou valentine yuri
    1girl alternate_costume aqua_eyes aqua_hair breasts chocolate chocolate_heart hatsune_miku heart highres k2pudding long_hair looking_at_viewer lying midriff navel on_back small_breasts solo twintails valentine vocaloid
    2girls :d alternate_hairstyle apron aqua_hair bag bang_dream! bangs blue_apron blush brown_eyes brown_hair clenched_hand collared_shirt commentary_request dress gift_bag giving green_eyes hand_on_own_chest hazawa_tsugumi hikawa_sayo holding holding_bag multiple_girls open_mouth orange_dress ousawa_kanata pinafore_dress ponytail profile red_ribbon ribbon shirt sleeves_folded_up smile upper_body valentine white_shirt yellow_apron yuri
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