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  • 1boy 1girl aang alternate_breast_size artist_name avatar:_the_last_airbender avatar_(series) barefoot black_hair breast_rest breasts breasts_on_head butt_crack cleavage commission cutesexyrobutts english green_eyes guess_who highres hips hug hug_from_behind huge_breasts kneeling lotus_position miniskirt muscle short_hair signature sitting skindentation skirt solo strapless thighs toph_bei_fong tubetop underboob
    2girls 3boys aang appa arm_guards avatar:_the_last_airbender avatar_(series) bald black_hair boomerang brown_hair dark_skin element_bending everyone fighting_stance fingerless_gloves fire flying gloves katara kuroi-tsuki looking_at_viewer momo_(avatar) multiple_boys multiple_girls open_mouth riding rock saddle sokka toph_bei_fong water zuko
    1girl avatar:_the_last_airbender avatar_(series) bad_artstation_id bad_id bangs black_hair bracelet element_bending hair_over_one_eye hand_on_hip highres hyun_sung_oh jewelry looking_at_viewer older realistic rock sash smile solo studded_bracelet swept_bangs toph_bei_fong upper_body
    1girl avatar:_the_last_airbender avatar_(series) chinese_clothes crossed_arms gradient gradient_background green_eyes hair_bun hairband highres monochrome serious shiori_lee_jeng solo spot_color toph_bei_fong upper_body
    1girl alternate_costume avatar:_the_last_airbender avatar_(series) black_hair blind dress element_bending looking_at_viewer rock ross_tran solo toph_bei_fong
    1girl 3boys >_< ankle_wraps artist_name avatar:_the_last_airbender avatar_(series) barefoot black_hair blush_stickers bolin bound brown_hair closed_eyes eyebrows grandfather_and_grandson iroh_ii_(avatar) military military_uniform multiple_boys rock rope running scar t_k_g the_legend_of_korra thick_eyebrows tied_up time_paradox toph_bei_fong uniform yellow_eyes zuko
    1girl avatar:_the_last_airbender avatar_(series) barefoot black_hair feet fighting_stance fingerless_gloves floating gloves hector_enrique_sevilla_lujan highres lemur levitation momo_(avatar) rock solo toeless_legwear toes toph_bei_fong
    2girls 4boys artist_name avatar:_the_last_airbender avatar_(series) black_hair bolin bolin_(cosplay) boomerang boots brown_eyes brown_hair coat company_connection cosplay dark_skin earth_(element) fire fur_trim headband hunk_(voltron) hyakujuu-ou_golion katara katara_(cosplay) keith_(voltron) lance_(voltron) long_hair mako_(avatar) mako_(avatar)_(cosplay) multicolored_hair multiple_boys multiple_girls pidge_gunderson princess_allura reverse_trap sanpaku scarf shay_(voltron) smile sokka sokka_(cosplay) t_k_g takashi_shirogane the_legend_of_korra thought_bubble toph_bei_fong toph_bei_fong_(cosplay) two-tone_hair voltron:_legendary_defender water zuko zuko_(cosplay)
    1girl avatar:_the_last_airbender avatar_(series) black_hair blind blue_eyes cowboy_shot die_(die0118) hair_bun hairband rock sash smile solo toph_bei_fong wide_sleeves wristband
    2girls 3boys aang animal appa avatar:_the_last_airbender avatar_(series) bald barefoot black_hair blind blue_eyes brown_eyes brown_hair burn_scar cloud dark_skin day flying grey_eyes katara looking_at_another momo_(avatar) multiple_boys multiple_girls open_mouth scar sky smile sokka t_k_g tattoo toph_bei_fong water yellow_eyes zuko
    2girls 3boys :d aang alcohol alternate_costume alternate_hairstyle armband avatar:_the_last_airbender avatar_(series) bald bangs bare_shoulders bead_necklace beads black_hair blue_eyes brother_and_sister brown_hair carrying_over_shoulder character_name cherry_blossoms closed_mouth collarbone dark_skin facial_mark floral_print fringe geisha gourd green_eyes grin hair_between_eyes hair_ornament haori headband holding holding_sword holding_umbrella holding_weapon jacket_on_shoulders japanese_clothes jewelry katana katara kikumon kimono long_hair makeup multiple_boys multiple_girls necklace obi open_clothes open_kimono open_mouth oriental_umbrella palms petals ponytail rope samurai sarashi sash scar seigaiha siblings silver_eyes smile sokka sword t_k_g tassel tasuki tattoo toph_bei_fong topknot umbrella very_long_hair weapon yellow_eyes zuko
    1girl armor artist_name avatar:_the_last_airbender avatar_(series) black_hair frown grey_eyes hair_bun hairband lips portrait raised_eyebrow reza_kabir signature solo toph_bei_fong upper_body watermark web_address
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