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  • 0_0 4girls 6+boys amumu animal_ears apple apron armor backpack bag baguette barrel blue_eyes blush blush_stickers bread cactus chalkboard closed_eyes commentary_request fairy fairy_wings fingerless_gloves flower food fruit gauntlets gloves goggles goggles_on_head grapes handbag hat hiding highres kennen korean league_of_legends lulu_(league_of_legends) midriff multiple_boys multiple_girls mummy navel ninja open_mouth orange_eyes paper_bag pear pix poppy purple_eyes purple_hair purple_skin sabaku_no_rakuda_(sanaku) smile squatting sweatdrop teemo tree tristana twintails twitter_username veigar watering_can waving wheelbarrow white_hair wings wizard_hat yellow_eyes yordle
    1girl akali anger_vein bodysuit breasts greyscale highres kennen kumiko_shiba large_breasts league_of_legends long_hair mask monochrome ninja no_bra ponytail shen side_slit sideboob simple_background speech_bubble talking vambraces white_background
    1girl 2boys akali check_translation doctor highres kennen league_of_legends leng_wa_guo multiple_boys nurse shen translation_request
    1boy alternate_costume animal_ears brown_eyes brown_hair electricity furry hagetan kennen league_of_legends male_focus mask ninja shuriken solo
    3girls 6+boys :d ;d alternate_hair_color amumu bell black_legwear blue_legwear bomb brown_eyes corki dragon dragon_tamer_lulu dragon_tamer_tristana drill_hair egg goggles goggles_on_head grass hat hatching heimerdinger highres index_finger_raised jingle_bell kennen kneeling kurokitsune_(float0108) league_of_legends lulu_(league_of_legends) multiple_boys multiple_girls mushroom navel nest one_eye_closed open_mouth outdoors pink_hair poppy purple_skin rumble_(league_of_legends) shuriken sitting smile sunglasses teemo toes tristana veigar witch_hat yellow_eyes yordle ziggs
    2boys 2girls akali alternate_costume arm_support armor axe bare_shoulders bespectacled biohazard_symbol blood blood_stain bloody_clothes box breasts cardboard_box chainsaw cleavage diagram doctor exhausted fang glasses greyscale happy hat highres kennen lamp league_of_legends long_hair looking_at_another lying monochrome multiple_boys multiple_girls nurse_akali nurse_cap on_stomach open_mouth operating_table pointy_ears ponytail poppy poster_(object) scalpel scofa shen short_hair slit_pupils small_breasts sparkle surgeon surgeon_shen surgical_mask twintails weapon when_you_see_it wiping_forehead yordle
    1girl horn kennen league_of_legends long_hair otani_(kota12ro08) pointy_ears ponytail purple_skin solo soraka stuffed_toy translation_request very_long_hair white_hair yellow_eyes
    2girls 3boys adjusting_clothes adjusting_hat alternate_costume aoin ass axe beard black_gloves black_hair blue_hair breasts card cleavage commentary darius_(league_of_legends) facial_hair flat_chest gatling_gun gloves gun hat highres horn jinx_(league_of_legends) kennen large_breasts league_of_legends minigun multiple_boys multiple_girls nidalee over_shoulder playing_card polearm red_eyes shuriken smile spear tattoo thighs twisted_fate weapon white_hair
    ! 1girl 3boys :3 :o akali alternate_costume armband bangs belt blazer carrying character_name collared_shirt constricted_pupils cowboy_shot crossed_arms directional_arrow facial_mark fang flying_sweatdrops from_side greyscale hand_on_another's_shoulder hands_on_hips heart high_ponytail jacket kennen league_of_legends leaning_forward light_smile lineart long_hair long_ponytail looking_at_viewer looking_down mask monochrome multiple_boys necktie otani_(kota12ro08) pants piggyback pleated_skirt ponytail scar school_uniform shen shirt short_hair simple_background size_difference skirt sleeves_rolled_up smile sparkle standing_on_person surprised translation_request twitter_username very_long_hair wavy_mouth yordle zed_(league_of_legends)
    absolutely_everyone ahri akali amumu anivia annie_hastur ashe_(league_of_legends) azir bard_(league_of_legends) blitzcrank brand_(league_of_legends) bristle caitlyn_(league_of_legends) cassiopeia_du_couteau cho'gath corki darius_(league_of_legends) diana_(league_of_legends) dr._mundo draven ekko_(league_of_legends) elise_(league_of_legends) emilia_leblanc evelynn everyone ezreal fiddlesticks fiora_laurent fizz_(league_of_legends) galio gangplank garen_crownguard gragas heimerdinger irelia janna_windforce jarvan_lightshield_iv jax_(league_of_legends) jericho_swain jinx_(league_of_legends) kalista karma_(league_of_legends) karthus kassadin katarina_du_couteau kayle kennen kog'maw league_of_legends lee_sin leng_wa_guo leona_(league_of_legends) lissandra long_hair lucian_(league_of_legends) lulu_(league_of_legends) luxanna_crownguard malcolm_graves malphite malzahar maokai master_yi monster mordekaiser morgana multiple_boys multiple_girls nami_(league_of_legends) nasus nautilus_(league_of_legends) nidalee nocturne_(league_of_legends) orianna_reveck pantheon_(league_of_legends) pauldrons pix poppy quinn rammus rek'sai renekton rengar revision riven_(league_of_legends) rumble_(league_of_legends) ryze sarah_fortune sejuani shauna_vayne shen shyvana singed sivir skarner smile sona_buvelle soraka syndra tahm_kench talon_(league_of_legends) taric teemo thresh tibbers tristana trundle tryndamere twisted_fate twitch urgot valor_(league_of_legends) varus veigar vi_(league_of_legends) vladimir volibear warwick wukong xerath xin_zhao yorick_mori zac ziggs zilean zyra
    1boy 1girl akali bandana breasts brown_hair cleavage dual_wielding elbow_gloves fingerless_gloves gloves green_eyes green_legwear hair_ornament katana kennen league_of_legends long_hair mask medium_breasts ninja no_bra no_panties pelvic_curtain ponytail racoona revealing_clothes shen sideboob solo_focus sword thighhighs weapon
    1girl akali black_hair breasts chinese erementa fingerless_gloves gloves highres kennen large_breasts league_of_legends long_hair mask multiple_boys ninja ponytail rei_no_himo shen sideboob sweatdrop translated yellow_eyes
    2015 3girls 6+boys :< :p >_< ^_^ akeome amumu animal_ears armor blonde_hair blue_hair blush blush_stickers bomb bottle calligraphy_brush chopsticks closed_eyes corki ears_through_headwear eating face_painting facial_hair fairy fangs food fruit gauntlets gnar_(league_of_legends) goggles goggles_on_head green_eyes grin hagoita hamamo hanetsuki happy_new_year hat heimerdinger helmet horns kennen kite league_of_legends long_hair lulu_(league_of_legends) mandarin_orange mittens mochi multiple_boys multiple_girls mummy mustache new_year open_mouth paddle paintbrush pix pointy_ears poppy poro_(league_of_legends) purple_hair purple_skin rumble_(league_of_legends) sake_bottle smile spatula sweatdrop teemo tongue tongue_out tristana twintails twitter_username urf veigar wagashi wavy_mouth wings witch_hat wizard_hat yellow_eyes yordle ziggs
    3girls 5boys alternate_color angry_birds annie_hastur armor beard blonde_hair blush_stickers breasts brown_eyes brown_hair chinese cleavage closed_eyes cosplay crown darius_(league_of_legends) ezreal facial_hair garen_crownguard gen_1_pokemon gloves goggles goggles_on_head green_eyes kennen large_breasts league_of_legends multiple_boys multiple_girls nude parted_lips pikachu pikachu_(cosplay) pokemon pokemon_(creature) quinn red_(angry_birds) red_eyes red_hair sarah_fortune shovel silver_hair skull sparkle stchi.wong tears tibbers valor_(league_of_legends) worktool yorick_mori zombie
    1girl absurdres akali arrow check_translation comic greyscale highres kennen league_of_legends leng_wa_guo long_hair malcolm_graves mask monochrome ninja ponytail shen sword thighhighs translation_request twisted_fate very_long_hair weapon
    1girl 2boys :p akali bikini bikini_bottom black_hair bling_(wnsdud34) breasts green_eyes kennen large_breasts league_of_legends long_hair multiple_boys ninja ponytail sarashi shen swimsuit thighs tongue tongue_out underboob white_bikini
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