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cirno (touhou) drawn by h-arukiti
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    Oh Yeah, I was hoping for a Cirno Pic for ID 999999.
    Congratulation Danbooru, you rock a bit more now.


    I bet Aristocrat was planning for this moment for quite some time.

    Well done.


    sethh7 said:
    Congratulation Danbooru, you're a little bit cooler now.



    Isn't that a nice get?

    Also quite funny that 8 cirno pics were posted to make sure the get will be appropriate.

    Weeaboo Patrol

    There's actually a guy on Pixiv who did 999 Cirno pictures for Cirno Day.


    when i looked at this

    posted: 9 hours ago
    score: 9

    Black Gold Saw

    Someone should screenshot, then parent it with the picture to cement it forever.


    Well done Danbooru. Really... well done...


    Black_Gold_Saw said:
    Screening along with the image itself would have been better though.

    If I was on my other computer I could have done that with decent size-quality. You are welcomed to cap it and paste the stat box onto it.


    This should have score 99.


    I'm seeing Teruyof and Saturday night fever

    and, welldanbooru!


    A lot of these Cirnos are probably references to things; but I don't recognize most of them :P. The handwritten kana is also making me want to headdesk.

    Anyone want to take a shot at annotating this?


    just realize , anyone noticed the tag ⑨ have already 998pics ?
    who wanna be the 999th?

    da nuke

    A ⑨/⑨ pic of ⑨⑨ Cirnos gets the ⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨GET.

    God exists.

    And he is alcoholic.


    You could always use a html editor, I mean, it won't be genuine, but it would work.


    Again, it is day ⑨/⑨.