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1girl bad_id bad_pixiv_id blonde_hair blue_eyes bullet commentary dakku_(ogitsune) goggles head_wings mary_janes nina_georgina_marseille shoes solo strike_witches_1991 tail uniform world_witches_series
1girl bad_id bad_pixiv_id barrel_(weapon) blonde_hair blue_eyes boots character_name character_portrait character_profile character_sheet commentary dakku_(ogitsune) full_body goggles goggles_on_head gun head_wings machine_gun mg3 mg42 necktie nina_georgina_marseille original solo standing strike_witches_1991 tail tail_feathers uniform weapon world_witches_series wrench
nina georgina marseille (original, strike witches 1991, and world witches series) drawn by dakku (ogitsune)
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    Part One of Two

    Part Two: 981842

    Artist's Commentary:


    マルセイユ中尉&ミルヒ大佐。 <白海の鬼神>ミルヒさんじゅうにさいが率い、<真紅のワルキューレ>けーちゃん、<アラビアの流星>マルちゃんなどの怪物エースたちを擁するカールスラント連邦空軍第73戦闘航空団はスーパーとんでもない厨二病軍団である。


    added the animal ears tag but I have no clue what animal has ears like that. They're freakin cool tho. I really like this design overall.



    First Lieutenant Marseille and Colonel von Milch. The Federal Republic of Karlsland's 73rd Fighter Wing with its monster themed aces, lead by "Demon of the White Sea" von Milch (age 12?) and including such members as "Red Valkyrie" Kei-chan and "Arabian Comet" Mar-chan, is a super unbelievable chuunibyou unit.

    n.b.: chuunibyou is 厨二病, in this case referring to how obviously a unit with so many monster-themed nicknames would be TOTALLY FRIGGEN SWEET. There doesn't seem to be a commonly accepted translation for it so I'm leaving it as is for now.

    Also, her familiar is supposed to be an eagle based on the commentary in post #839747, but don't ask me how that works...


    Sooo... they're not ears at all, but head wings? Normally I hate head wings but these look cool. I'll fix the tags... if it lets me. Site's been acting really weird for me lately.


    Oh right, they're head wings - that's how Marseille is tagged, too. Totally forgot about that.