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2girls blue_eyes brown_hair commentary eyelashes frills green_eyes hair_ribbon highres houjou_hibiki kakkii long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_back minamino_kanade multiple_girls orange_hair ponytail precure ribbon skirt suite_precure surprised thigh_gap thighhighs translated white_legwear zettai_ryouiki
2girls arm_up armpits blonde_hair blue_eyes blush bow choker commentary cure_melody cure_rhythm earrings eyelashes face green_eyes highres houjou_hibiki ishii_takamori jewelry long_hair looking_at_viewer magical_girl midriff minamino_kanade multiple_girls navel open_mouth pink_bow pink_choker pink_hair pink_legwear ponytail precure suite_precure thighhighs twintails very_long_hair zettai_ryouiki
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houjou hibiki and minamino kanade (precure and suite precure) drawn by kakkii

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  • 奏のいい所教えます!

    2011/6/12 00:33 Photoshop, ComicStudio

    響「みんな!ココだよココ!この領域がいいんだよ!」奏「えっ!?容姿や性格じゃないのーっ!」 ずっと思ってた事なのでやっと言ったにゃ〜(ハミィ)

    I'll tell you Kanade's strong point!

    2011/6/12 00:33 Photoshop, ComicStudio

    Hibiki: "Everyone! It's here, right here! This is good territory!"
    Kanade: "Eh!? Not my appearance or personality?!"
    This is something I've always thought so I finally said it! (Hummy)

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    That's what popped right into my mind.


    Science in progress.


    imaliar said:

    That's what popped right into my mind.

    One of the best examples showing the definition of the term.
    Thighhighs to skirt and no panties showing.
    Should we add this image to the wiki as a reference?