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flandre scarlet, hakurei reimu, houjuu nue, izayoi sakuya, kirisame marisa, and others (touhou) drawn by itomugi-kun
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    I feel like I'm spamming text for the katakana text walls, considering they basically repeat after a few repetitions...


    I think this needs annotation as well. Sakuya's silhouette is the only one I can see clearly, but it looks like there are more between Flan and the box.


    i annotated the characters. Koakuma, Patchouli, Sakuya, Aya, Nue, and Remilia I believe are annoted right but im not sure of the other. marisa, though riding the broom, i don't think has a hat like that and all the other characters were drawn how they are typically portrayed in other game.


    Nicklance said:
    Did Flan turn into a Witch?

    So I was'nt the only one that was reminded of Madoka Magica.


    Ya know, thinking about Fanon and this bit of fanart with the words equivalent to mad person's delirious ramblings, I cannot help but to feel, as well as think, this is what a whole lotta people feel all the time and, in this bit of fanart, this must be what someone who is mentally ill but loves their family and friends feel. They love them but at the same time hate them and wish for them to die, in their fragmented delusional mind, and they come about in what is being viewed.