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saigyouji yuyuko, kirisame marisa, hakurei reimu, izayoi sakuya, kaname madoka, and etc (mahou shoujo madoka magica and etc) drawn by shiwasu horio and wasabi (sekai)
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    holy_summon said:
    Who's the cutest, Cirno or Yuyuko??

    Cirno's my ultimate choice~


    I think Yuyuko could be a lovely Charlotte.

    Mystia being Mami, of course.


    Marisa as Madoka... Sakuya as Homura... And Reimu as Kyouko...



    Cirno is honto 9.


    T34/38 said:
    Marisa as Madoka... Sakuya as Homura... And Reimu as Kyouko...


    The choices actually make some twisted sense if you think about it.

    Marisa is supposedly ordinary (compared to the other powerhouses of Gensokyo), but has the greatest potential firepower of them all and has her whole love them going on to compliment Madoka's theme of hope.

    Sakuya as Homura is practically self-explanatory.

    Reimu's fanon portrayal is often shown as being poor and obsessed with both eating and donations to her shrine (Kyouko's wish was to try and bring back people to her father's congregation so he could make money and that way her family would stop starving).

    Yuyuko comes off as flighty but is older than all the others (the veteran) and in fanon is obsessed with food just as Mami was always going on about her cake.

    Cirno and Sayaka are both the "stupidest" members of their respective groups along with the matching color scheme and the delusions of grandeur (Sayaka with being a hero of justice and Cirno with being the strongest).


    Yuyuko meets death by being eaten?

    Oh, the irony.