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original drawn by bamola

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  • Nuclear reactor personification!?

    Operator A: "This... is a natrium leak, isn't it?"
    Operator B: "Yep. We need to take some good data!"
    Operator C: "It's gotten too dangerous! Seriously! It's going to catch fire!"
    Nuclear reactor: "Uwoooooooo!!! Mm... noooooooooooooooo!!!!!"

    Sorry. I really don't know anything about nuclear reactors. I kind of just wanted to draw clothes ripped open by heat.

    <tn>Likely a reference to the 1995 Monju Nuclear Power Plant leak</tn>

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    My mind can't comprehend personification of this magnitude.


    This really should get a "Harsher in hindsight" grouping.


    My mind just blew up after seeing this picture.


    It could be 3-Mile Island. If it showed female ejaculation then I would say it depicted Chernobyl.


    tigiris2257 said:
    I find this to be in poor taste, especially given the gravity of the situation in Fukushima

    Poor taste it may be, but this pic was made even before the Japan earthquake happens, so it can't be helped, right?


    Evangeline_A.K._McDowell said:
    Operator A: "This... is a natrium leak, isn't it?"

    Natrium is the Latin name for Sodium (Sodium has elemental symbol Na). This suggests that the reactor is a molten salt type, rather than a light water type (such as at Fukushima) and is instead graphite moderated (like at Chernobyl).


    molten salts are actualy the newest types. Graphite moderation is actualy extremely obsolete (as in, it was used in the initial nuclear piles, and never should have been used in a proper reactor).

    Also, this is one of a few images that would probably fit under a "harsher in hindsight" pool


    Bump. This needs to be appreciated.


    ezekill said:
    wait.... isnt that the same build that had issues which eventually went boom?

    if so, may God help Japan...

    did you even read the post? the chernobyl type is NOT the kind fukushima is.


    The only sodium-cooled nuclear reactor incident in Japan that I know is the one that happened at Monju Nuclear Power Plant in 1995. That's probably it.