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2girls angel_wings ankle_lace-up armlet blonde_hair bow bracelet collaboration cross-laced_footwear dress elbow_gloves eluxios gloves green_eyes hair_bow heart highres jewelry leg_warmers midriff multicolored_hair multiple_girls panty_&_stocking_with_garterbelt panty_(psg) petticoat pink_hair stocking_(psg) strapless strapless_dress striped striped_legwear two-tone_hair vmat wings
1girl angel angel_wings bridal_gauntlets green_eyes highres large_wings long_hair multicolored_hair panty_&_stocking_with_garterbelt simple_background solo stocking_(psg) striped striped_legwear thighhighs two-tone_hair vmat wings
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stocking (panty & stocking with garterbelt) drawn by vmat
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