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arf, fate testarossa, and mizuki nana (lyrical nanoha, mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha, and real life) drawn by diesel-turbo
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    So very manly.


    wait... how is this clever?


    Testarossa is actually a car from Ferrari and we can guess that Fate is racing for Ferrari.

    Some characters in Nanoha are named after some cars.


    If only Fate wasn't wearing her loli 'tails


    In Italian, Testarossa means "red hair". For some reason, neither Teletha nor Fate have red hair.


    DeadSpace said:
    Some characters in Nanoha are named after some cars.

    Nearly all of them, actually.

    Zoey Hanson

    Subaru Vivio, Opel Zafira, Opel Signum, Ferrai Testarossa, Suzuka International Racing Course, Racing Hart.

    that'a all i noticed, is there more?

    Zoey Hanson

    i know that in anime was Rasing Heart but Racing Hart sounds almost the same


    Zoey_Hanson said:that'a all i noticed, is there more?

    More recently, the Lancia Stratos.


    Zoey_Hanson said:
    that'a all i noticed, is there more?

    Many of the names are based on Japanese cars not sold outside Japan, so they might not be as easily recognized by us foreign fans.

    Verossa Acous = Toyota Verossa
    Thoma Avenir = Nissan Avenir
    Isis Egret = Toyota Isis
    Carim Gracia = Toyota Camry Gracia
    Vice Granscenic = Renault Grand Scenic
    Laguna Granscenic = Renault Laguna

    The Huckebeins:
    Arnage = Bentley Arnage
    Cypha = Toyota WiLL Cypha
    Deville = Cadillac DeVille
    Fortis = Mitsubishi Galant Fortis
    Stella = Subaru Stella
    Veyron = Bugatti Veyron

    The list just goes on and on. Check out the character bios in the MGLN Wiki if you want to see more. Suffice it to say, however, that pretty much every character that didn't debut in the Triangle Heart games has a name that references a car.


    And curiously enough, the main character is the one that has a normal name, as well as Hayate. But then, they were both born on Earth.

    Let's not forget another Ferari model car, the Scaglietti.

    Triple Break

    Fate's voice actor, Mizuki Nana, has actively participated in kart racing with other people in the industry - Nakahara Mai, Kanai Mika and Toyoguchi Megumi are some others who have also done the yearly event.